Merged: Cold Pizza/Saban to bring in veteran QB


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Aug 3, 2002
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finfansince72 said:
People that don't think there is a better FA out there than Gus are delusional. Gus is one of the worst starters in the league, easily. Hes easily replaceable, the chicken littles that act like losing Gus would hurt this team are nuts. I hope Gus retires, I couldnt care less if he comes back as a starter or backup. Backup is alright, Gus can play a few games and not destroy the team but he is a dud as a starter. Im glad Saban knows what he is doing, some of you wouldnt honestly just start Gus next year, thats accepting complete mediocrity, and thats not acceptable.
Like Kitna is better? delusional? Your not thinking very smart. Because the whole process starts over again and no one, I repeat no one, would do good the first year under such circumstances, at least not as good as they are or were. Its simple yet all you people make it difficult.

You dont want to change what has already started to fall into place and you dont want another retread who would be gone in a few years anyways and your rookie QB's suffer. This is about the long term, not the short term for those who want a fantasy to come true.


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Aug 16, 2002
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mbsinmisc said:
I am gonna email this S.I. reporter and see what his version of the story entails.
Please do ... Jeff Chadiha has some cred. He's not just "some guy on Cold Pizza," and I think there's more to this story.


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Jun 6, 2004
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tylerdolphin said:
Imagine you are a Titan fan. Is that trade even remotly fair? Your starting QB and a 4th round pick for a pot head RB. Lets be a little more realistic
i can see them wanting ricky due to the fact its no secret that fisher loves a back that can pound the balll over and over again. (See eddie george for further).

I will say it wont happen though. Mcnair is on the downside of his career and ricky is still in his prime. Second, I dont think ricky wants to grind it out like he did with the dolphins in the wanny era.

Fisher would have to give up alot more than mcnair and a fourth..
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