[MERGED] Dolphins on ESPN's First Take


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Feb 2, 2004
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They can offer as many contracts to as many players as they want. Several recent #1 teams have pulled this maneuver. It does add yet another element to the trade bait game.

In the end, it doesn't matter until we actually announce our pick. Just part of the game.

If we drafted Matt Ryan (in my opinion a one year wonder), it would literally be as shocking as the Ted Ginn, Jr. pick a year ago. Fans would, for the most part, applaud it simply because we have drafted a QB when we finally got to #1. But, in the end, I think a lot of eyebrows would be raised. It's very un-Parcells like to draft a QB so high. Not too mention, Ryan would become the poster child for the new regime. Regardless how many other picks would be Pro Bowlers, if Ryan failed.... that's a permanent egg on the face.

Parcells rarely takes risks that huge. He's a calculated man who hedges his bets by spreading the value of his draft across many players. Not 1.

Whats with you guys and all the MARION BARBER stuff, RB is the last thing we need why would we trade for one?


Apr 8, 2007
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Great players always show signs of greatness. Even in tough times like we had last year. Beck will never be great. It is that simple.
I feel the same. We might be wrong and Beck might turn out to be a superstar but for me the knock is his age. He's a couple years older and still not better than any other rookie QB. I think we don't know if Beck will ever be the guy. And we have no backup. I think we have to pull the trigger on a QB the first day. I'd be happy if we got Matt Ryan or Brian Brohm. I'd be equally happy if we just got a decent prospect a little later like Flacco or Henne. We need at least one more young QB prospect in case Beck doesn't have it. There's too much at stake to risk everything on a too old first year player who wasn't impressive when he was given a chance.
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