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Message to Ricky?


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Jul 5, 2004
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If Saban was actually telling the truth about one thing leading up to the draft, and Ricky is interested in returning, I feel this is a message to him from Nick.

By picking Brown number one, back who has shared the spotlight in the past we are reducing your workload which you were so conserned about in your sudden departure.

I see this. Brown is our back of the future. He will be our premier this year. This gives Ricky a chance to come back slowly. He needs a lot of work and practice to get back to where he was. By the end of the year he may produce enough for us to get some sort of value in a trade next year. I think this approach is brilliant. Or do you guys think it was just another smokescreen.....

I think you are overanalyzing a bit. Saban isn't going to use the number two pick in the draft to send a message to Ricky. He's going forward as if RW won't be here, and anything else is a potentical bonus.
I was a big Ricky fan but i have one thing to say.....FORGET ABOUT RICKY MOVE ON GUYS.....who f'n cares anymore? geeez
Saban has been more than patient with this fool. As soon as he arrived he let Ricky know that he was welcomed back if he wanted to return to football. Pot head has had more time than he deserved to try to approach the dolphins with some plan as what he wants to do. Acording to Saban he has done nothing in this regards.
The guy has big problems. I don't know if football is even on his radar.
Yesteray Saban said the door is still open for Ricky to return. Imagine that backfield. It would be amazing to have two talented starters to rotate. We could minimize the wear and tear on both, and defences would never get a break.
Here's hoping, for better or worse, that the whole Ricky situation is resolved before Miami hits training camp this year. I for one am tired of it. As far as using Ronnie Brown to send a message to the wayward RB, I don't think that is the case at all. I think Ronnie Brown was both the Best Player Available for us, and also the biggest need for us. So I don't think Saban was picking him as a "message" at all.
I've got a message for Ricky............... Right here (reaches for crotch)
Does anyone remember what happened last july 23? Ricky walked out on his team mates and us fans....its not like he was smoking pot or snorting coke and got caught and went to rehab ....he quit, retired went to some fn' island i said before that i was a big Ricky fan and i loved the trade for him and when he retired it was like a best friend had died.....But it has been a year now guys let it go move on.....let Ronnie Brown take over and lets start a new era......
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