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I was watching two awesome "chick flicks"...........America's Sweethearts and the Princess Diaries. Anyway, today is the big day. :D I get to meet JayDog! :p :cool: I have had the privledge of meeting aqua&orange54, Scubaman13 (whom I will be visiting in MI in Feb) and now JayDog. Who may be next from FinHeaven??? :)
good grief, when do you sleep?

you were on til 4 last night and and you're already on this morning!:sleep:
I don't do that EVERY night. Anyway, I am young and I will sleep when I am dead! :D

I know, Miadphan is always on. Suprisingly, right now, at 7 pm, she is NOT online! Shocking...

Americas Sweethearts is not just a chick flick, that movie cracks me up. "Sigfried and Roy have left the building..." "Sigfried and Roy are here?"

Hahahahahahaha har har har.

We have to know...is their romance in the future? If so will the wedding be simulcasted here on finheaven?
I'm bacccck! :) I met JayDog and he is sooo cool!!! :D As for you Dajesus :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I appreciate your inquiry about our meeting, but I am off limits for quite awhile. I've already been down the aisle once before and am not looking forward to that again anytime soon. :)

If I ever remarry, I would love to plan it at JRS. I did the sunset beach wedding thing the last time. :)
totally awesome day

Yeah I finally met the infamous Miadphan13 Live and in Person! One day only! Dude, she's about as cool as you could possibly get.:cool: Had a great time. (except for my shoes:lol: ) Looking forward to that pool game;)
Okay....here goes....I am 30! :eek: I was engaged at 19, married at 27 and divorced at 28 by my choice. So, I am living the crazy single life now. :D I enjoy meeting new people and making new friends and that's about it. :D
Re: totally awesome day

Originally posted by Jaydog57
Looking forward to that pool game;)

Better watch it man..I hear that she's one slick hustler around the pool table! :lol: :D :p
Let me just say that they were gonna call the cue stick the "cool stick" but I wouldn't give 'em permission to use my name.:cool:
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