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Miami Dolphins Offense #1 in......

great numbers but what I really want is for us to beat Philly this week.......if we want to be a "different team" then we have to beat some of the top teams in the NFL.........we lost to the only team we've played this season with a winning record(Buffalo) this week we get chance number 2 at beating a team with a winning record.
Tied for first in sacks given up/game.
#1 in fewest third downs not converted.
#1 in passing first downs.

The Dolphins have converted 119 first downs just on first or second down. This is more than 20 teams have converted on all four downs.
With the numbers this team has put up through 6 games, it really does feel like McDaniel is simply playing a Madden season on the easiest level. #1 in passing, top receiver, 2 top running's just absurd.

We need a meme of McD holding a gaming controller.
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