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Miami Dolphins Part I: Defense


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Jan 9, 2002
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Yep, we give up a few big plays here and there.
Yep, we have poor tackling at times.

How many defenses (out of 32 teams) does not give up 1 or 2 big plays per game or does not show poor tackling here and there.

The point is: our D - while giving up a few yards - is also making big plays and - most importantly - hold opponents to a low or decent PA average.

16 points or 17 points against top offensive juggernauts is acceptable. There is a reason that Bledsoe and Favre are so highly ranked. They have done it before and they continue to do so. Holding the Packers to 17 points (10 which came after turnovers) is a number I can live with. Especially since we all knew that our offense at one point of the season scored a MINIMUM of 21 points.

I hate giving up yardages but more important to me is to stop opponents from scoring. That is the bottomline.

Our D may have not played perfect but they have done enough in the past 4 games for us to win. Actually the only game at this point where the D miserably failed was the KC game where they not only gave up yardage but also points.

While you all maybe nit pick now and trying to divert the attention to a unit which played marginal good or even mediocre (Yep I even go that low) it does not delete the fact that they gave us a chance to win.

We gave up 14 points in the first half and shut down the Packers in the second half by allowing a mere FG.

That's the bottomline.


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Aug 3, 2002
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yeah but you forget one thing. we traditionally get worse as the season progresses. teams have us on there schedule, and they are liking what they are seeing. trust me. i see laverneous coles burning sam madison next week. i see zach thomas getting manhandled by that pro bowl center. i see richie anderson juanting for a long screen pass TD. i see curtis martin getting us back for the first game. i see chad pennington looking like an allstar. i see Lb's hangin back five yards playing on there heels. i see coaches grieveing and scratching. i see some players playing elsewhere next year. and some big names too!:yell:
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