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Miami Dolphins Part II: Offense


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Jan 9, 2002
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Same OL, same WRs (except a switch at one spot), same TEs (with an addition), same FB, same RBs...same everything - except the QB spot.

Oh my, did we hail this offense (well most of us) all season long. How great Norv is (best off-season aquisition in years), how much fun it is to watch this offense. Behind the same OL we completed over 60% of our passes, played efficient and so well that even Zach said that it is so refreshing to be on the sidelines most of the game.

We hailed our offense for the guts and the "no lose" mentality this year especially after the Denver win.

Is it our O. Or is it the one spot which was critisised for almost 2 years because it was just not good enough.

We won despite our QB because our surrounding talent and D is so great? You have just gotten back Fiedler's scorecard for the past 2 years.

Unfortunately, every Dolfan has now learned how much value Fiedler brought to this team. Besides the leadership and accuracy he also brought guts, determination and the will to win. Yes, we do not have other offensive leaders. All quiet guys: Ricky, CC...quiet...Carter, new....Edwards..trying to come back from a tough injury.

This is all we are missing right now: our QB back.

Here is what I foresee: we may lose the next two (hopefully not) and Fiedler will be back against SD. I tell you what though, the crowd surely will go wild at his introduction.

We will most likly be 5-5 at that time. 6 games left. We will start our comeback. This season will be the opposite. Our funk in the middle of the season, our strength at the end of the season.

Once Fiedler is back we will be rolling again. We may miss out on a bye-week but we will win the division and at least secure a home playoff game.
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