Miami Dolphins Visit Baptist Children’s Hospital

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    Miami Dolphins Visit Baptist Children’s Hospital
    (Miami, FL) – The Miami Dolphins visited patients at Baptist Children’s Hospital to distribute gifts to the children. In total, mascot T.D., Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, Miami Dolphins Women’s Organization members and four Miami Dolphins players visited with 38 patients ranging from infants to young adults.

    CB Cortland Finnegan, T Jason Fox, S Brandian Ross and S Michael Thomas were in attendance to give goodie bags stocked full of pencils, stickers, a necklace, T-shirt and teddy bear. But the players weren’t always the star of the visit. “The most priceless reaction was one little girl, she just loved T.D. She was just squealing the whole time. He stole the show,” Thomas recounted.

    “It’s a big pleasure to have the Dolphins here. These kids are sick, they’re in pain, they’re suffering. They don’t feel good. This is just something that is very important and meaningful to them and to their parents,” Baptist Children’s Hospital Assistant Patient Care Manager for Pediatrics Carolina Parra said. “We have a little boy who has been here for about 10 days and his eyes just lit up wide. It was just a happy smile. It’s laughter and smiles -- you could just tell you made their day. That’s all they’re going to talk about for the rest of the week.”

    Thomas, who made the visits along with his wife Gloria, recently welcomed their first child and spoke about the impact the day had on them. “It touches home. It hits home when you see these kids and you want to do whatever you can to bring a smile to their face.”

    (L-R) Brandian Ross, Cortland Finnegan, Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Magan and Jodi Visit Baptist.jpg
    (L-R) Jason Fox, Michael Thomas, MDWO Member Gloria, Cheerleader Brianne, TD Visit Baptist Child.jpg

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