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Mar 7, 2002
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What's the focus of Norv Turner's offense?†running backs coach Joel Collier rhetorically asked the Palm Beach Post. “What's worked? Stephen Davis in Washington. Emmitt (Smith). LaDainian Tomlinson last year in San Diego. What's the focus? You'll see Ricky getting the ball.â€Â

I have questions about Miami’s rebuilt offensive line, and I know many of you have the same questions. But look at it this way. Last year as the OC in San Diego, Turner helped Tomlinson over come a below-average offensive line to rush for 1,236 yards and 10 TDs.

Plus, because Ricky lost roughly 20 pounds during the offseason (from close to 250 with the Saints to his listed weight of 228 with the Dolphins), he’ll be quicker to and through holes, and the line won’t have to hold blocks for quite as long. After the weight loss, Ricky’s back to his college frame, which enabled him to leave the college game with more rushing yards than anyone before him.

here the link for the full story
Sometimes eve n if I get something right! I said about a week ago RW was going to get to 228 and not close to the 250 he was last year and he's done it. That's great news!

I have serious questions about our OL and really think we need to move Dixon outside to LT. He is not a mauler type like we need at LG and he has great feet and could be able to stay helathy by not having to take pounding from playing inside.

Smith is a natural G and would make a great LG as he has a nasty streak and can really maul his man when he gets into him in a tight space. Spriggs can backup Dixon, and we would have a much better OL IMO that way.

Dave has said he doesn't want to make these moves so we'll see. I'm sure he'll do what is best for the team.
In the interest of objectivity, I refer readers to Phinstd's thread entitled "Fumblitis." It seems RW does have his flies.
point blank...RW wants to be here. there was too much pressure in new orleans, he is part of the team in miami not the savior. he rushed for 4.0 ypg in NO w/o the benefit of any kind of o-line(stuffed behind the line way too often). i'm seriously looking for him to bust out this year
I didnt get to see ricky play often in NO and i have no idea why he only averaged 4.0 ypc but yoyu certainly cant blame it on the oline because both lines in NO were above average, late in the 2000 they were the best unit i had seen since the broncos oline of 98. but they could have just been playin good when i saw cause like i said i didnt get to watch them to much.
I saw a few games with him. But yeah, his Oline sucked. He got little to no help either. So an average of 4 ypc is better then I'd estimate. But the fact that he DID average 4.0 with no line makes me happy because now he does have a line...Go Go gadget 'bust a cap for 10ypc" legs!
NOs line was actually below average last year... that's why they got rid of most of them... decent enough players that never gelled... I HOPING that doesn't happen to us this year... barring injury we have decent enough players... but will they gel? especially if we're moving them around.
That said, if RW got 4.0ypc with a mediocre line (at best), if ours is at all better... can we see 4.5 ypc? 4.7? 5.0? Even at 4.5ypc... we could be seeing a lot of 3rd and 1's instead of 3rd and 3 or more....and, since that is an average one could argue that we could be getting a lot of 2nd down conversions, without throwing the ball at all... that makes me optimistic...
RW can carry the rock : period
And he can catch.
Everone can fumble. Or forget their helmet oops sorry.
How blind are these coaches that they don't see they have a natural LT sitting right under thir noses in Dixon. Such incompetents.
I think the coaches have a better idea of what is best for the team than you DNY!!!As for your YPC that doesnt mean much...A small back that breaks long runs certainly has a higher YPC average than most RB's... Howerver i'd rather see Ricky getting 3 or 4 yards every time instead of 10 yd gain then loss of 5 yds( a la Warrick Dunn)..Ricky will almost always get positive yardage , he's not a game breaker..therefore he'll always average around 4 yds a carry..
I agree totally Dove, I was being sarcastic. We as fans only know a small fraction of what these players are about, what their capabilities are and what should be expected of them.
Dixon Not a LT

Originally posted by DNY
How blind are these coaches that they don't see they have a natural LT sitting right under thir noses in Dixon. Such incompetents.

I'm not sure moving Dixon to left tackle is such a good move. LT usually are a bit bigger or at least taller and with the leg injury I'm not sure Dixon is as quick as he once was. The speed rushers could be a real problem He may need the protection of playing inside.

If the guys we have are not getting the job done, he might be the best option we have, but I'd rather see Smith out there if he is healthy.
I think they are definately right now just trying to guage how far back Dixon is from his injury.
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