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Miami saving a lot of plays for the Bills?

I have a pet peeve about people talking with food in their mouth.

It’s bad enough when my wife does it.

But a supposed professional recording a podcast? Omar was not only eating. When he started talking at 22:40, he chipmunks the food in his cheek and spoke around it.

Don’t eat during a podcast. If you do, take 2 seconds to swallow before you speak.

I’m sorry I clicked and listened to what he had to say. It was nauseating.

You are not alone
As much as I NEVER thought I’d say this….

This O is better than the Marino years. Pass game is comparable.

But the running game sets it apart.

If Marino had a run game like this, we’d have drowned in Lombardis in the 80s and 90s….
I agree 1 or 2 Lombardis at least. The Olivadotti (no)D would have kept the Dolphins from being a dynasty IMO though.
I know that they got absolutely demolished... anyone have any all-22 insight on what kind of defense the Broncos tried to run? Like the patriots looked like they did a decent job stopping the game before. Not too sure if broncos ran something similar and it was McD adjustments, or if they were just terrible in general.
I like smythe so much more then gesicki already. Miami needed a tight end that could block, but smythe gets some catches too time to time
Smythe's confidence is higher than ever and it's easy to see in games. He's become a very reliable safety blanket for Tua and he's been catching everything and making plays for the offense. They may be shorter patterns than some TEs but in this offense we have plenty of downfield threats. BTW, how great is Achane? I love the kid already, he's amazing and just getting started. The Bills won't enjoy trying to catch him!! Man, if we get push in the run game against the Bills Tua will crush them all day. Keep that dirty player, Milano, off him!! He is out to injure Tua IMO.
I dont think McDaniel saves anything.

I truly believe he just makes up new **** on the fly.

We will see new plays this week, but that is because he probably just dreamed them up Sunday night.

The dude is the Beethoven of the gridiron.
Not going to lie. Thought they showed way too much in the Denver game.

Worried McD may have shown too much to the league.

Time will tell.

We havent used Ezukanma as much. If he plays this week, i can see more downfield passes to him and not just for gadget plays.
Yup... each week so far against LAC, NE, and now Denver, our offense has attacked and schemed each match-up differently, and we have run many different motions and styles of offense in it, very creative!!! We do often run the same favorite plays and reads, but yes our offense seems to be very versatile in how we can win and with a playbook that is constantly opening up and adapting if anything. I've been loving it, and actually quite impressed. Creative as hell once again!!! High IQ!!!
We can only get away with this because of our speed. The defense has to react to one only to be killed by the other. Remember Waddle was out against the Broncos.
And you know what they say about can't teach it. can draft it...and you can sign it in FA...

I think back to several years ago when Tyreek first showed up and it seemed like KC had ALL fast guys...I was mega-jealous and wondered why the Dolphins couldn't do the same thing. Answer was: they didn't have the right scheme/personnel otherwise to do what Andy Reid was doing...from HC to OC to QB etc.

We can get away with this because of several people...#1 being Mike McDaniel...and you have to give Grier his flowers for going all-in on what McDaniel is putting down. The mad genius' formula looks amazing.
We havent used Ezukanma as much. If he plays this week, i can see more downfield passes to him and not just for gadget plays.
I don't think they trust him to read leverages and adjust routes properly.

With the offense we run a mistake by the receiver=INT.
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