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Sep 6, 2005
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Quick recap of what potions the Dolphins focused on yesterday.

Mike Wallace - Bolsters the WR group and offense as a whole. We've heard everything we need to hear about this guy. Only thing left is to see him in a Fins uni and crossing the goal line.

Chris Clemons - 9th best Safety available this FA period according to profootballfocus. But he was graded as the 4th best from last year.

Summary: Clemons is coming off the best season of his four-year career as he paired with fellow safety Reshad Jones to comprise one of the best duos in the league. His 0.35 Yards per Cover Snap ranked eighth in the league and he was sixth among safeties in Tackling Efficiency, missing one every 12.3 attempts. He posted a solid +4.4 run defense grade despite playing over 75 percent of his snaps “out of the box” as a free safety. The only thing holding down Clemons’ overall grade was the -3.0 he posted as a pass rusher, but prospective teams will gladly make that sacrifice in order to bring in the run stopping and coverage ability that Clemons showed in 2012.

Philip Wheeler & Dannell Ellerbe - both guys just made our LB core a lot younger and a lot faster. Should help to cover Tight Ends and put more pressure on opposing Quarterbacks. PFF grades both guys less than Burnett and Dansby, but not by far.

Now let's focus on what needs the Dolphins still have to address and some of the better players left for each position. I will provide a link to all the top Free Agents still available for each position. The quotes for each player are from Scouts Inc. The grades are from with their stats from 2012.

Tight Ends - With Fasano going to Kansas City, all the Dolphins are left with is Charles Clay and Michael Egnew.

Tony Gonzalez - (Grade: 83)
He's a Hall of Famer. Nothing else needs to be said about him that we don't already know. His agent contacted some teams and let them know he is a Free Agent, but he's going back to ATL from everything I've heard.

Fred Davis - (Grade: 79)
Davis was sidelined with an Achilles injury in October and missed the rest of the 2012 season. He lacks size and strength but is an excellent athlete. He has reliable hands and some run-after-catch ability. He gets separation with great quickness and speed as a route runner. He isn't a physical blocker but can lock on and wall off at the point of attack. Davis is a versatile player who can align as an H-back or an inline tight end. There will be some concern about how well he can bounce back from such as serious injury.

Dustin Keller - (Grade: 77)
Keller was banged up and missed half the season in 2012. He is an undersized tight end with excellent athleticism. He had been Mark Sanchez's favorite target, and his absence limited the Jets' passing attack. He has great quickness and reliable hands as a route runner. He lacks great power at the point of attack but is effective at walling off defenders on the edge. Keller can be moved around -- H-back, put in motion, flexed out -- to create mismatches in the passing game.

Dennis Pitta - (Grade: 74)
Pitta is a versatile player, aligning on the line of scrimmage and in the backfield. He lacks size for a tight end but is athletic and has reliable hands. He has enough speed to stretch deep zones and create mismatches versus linebackers.

Brandon Myers - (Grade: 63)
Myers has developed into a very good combined blocker and receiver. He has adequate size, above-average initial quickness and agility and solid downfield speed. He is a natural receiver who consistently extends to catch the ball in his hands and will put the ball away quickly to turn upfield. He is not elusive after the catch but understands angles and will fight for yards after initial contact. He is a very good route runner who does a very good job of reading coverages, and he finds passing seams to settle in and provide a good target for the quarterback.
Other notable TE's available - Benjamin Watson, Dallas Clark, Chris Cooley, Ed Dickson, Randy McMichael, Kevin Boss, and Leonard Pope.

Corner Backs - Vonte Davis and Sean Smith were our staples for the past couple years. Vonte was traded before the start of last season, and Sean Smith is out testing the Free Agency waters. The Dolphins still have Nolan Carroll, Richard Marshall, Dimitri Patterson, Julian Posey and De'Andre Presley. Lots of big names here.

Antoine Cason - (Grade: 79)
Cason is a big corner with good top-end speed and above-average short-area quickness, agility and body control. He can extend the cushion with a fluid, compact pedal and flips his hips to turn and run with receivers without a hitch. He is nimble in his transition out of his pedal and can close on the ball thrown in front of him with a burst. He has learned how to use his long arms to jam or re-route receivers at the line of scrimmage and looks more comfortable from a press alignment than he does in off coverage. He is a willing tackler but is not as strong or explosive as you'd expect for someone his size.

Chris Gamble - (Grade: 79)
Gamble has been a mainstay for the Panthers for the past nine seasons, but he missed 12 games in 2012 with a shoulder injury. He's a big corner with solid speed and excellent quickness, agility and body control. He has a fluid, compact pedal that allows him to extend the cushion and the ability to flip his hips to turn and run with receivers once they break down the cushion. He's a physical corner with long arms that allow him to jam or redirect receivers on their release, and he can be a physical tackler both in space as well as on run support. He can drop his hips to plant and drive on balls thrown in front of him, with a good burst to close on the ball, and he shows solid ball skills when in position to make a play on the pass.

Brent Grimes - (Grade: 79)
Grimes is an undersized cornerback with excellent short-area quickness, agility and body control and adequate top-end speed. He can extend the cushion with a compact, fluid pedal and can flip his hips to open and run with receivers on downfield routes. He can drop his hips as he plants and drives on the ball in front of him with foot quickness and a good burst to close going forward. He struggles against some of the league's bigger receivers and is best suited to a nickel spot where he can line up on slot receivers running inside routes. He missed all but the first game of the 2012 season with an Achilles injury.

DeAngelo Hall - (Grade: 79)
Hall has adequate size and is a powerfully built perimeter defender with excellent athleticism. He anticipates well, but sometimes takes too many chances jumping routes. He's a solid in run support and tackling in the open field. Hall, a nine-year veteran, brings experience and consistency to a secondary.

Quentin Jammer - (Grade: 79)
Jammer is a good-sized, physical corner with solid cover skills and above-average straight-line speed. He has been an ironman defender for the Chargers, missing just two games (plus a third start) in the past ten seasons. He has learned to compensate for a loss of top-end speed and explosive quickness with improved technique and reading skills and is effective in both man and zone coverage. He looks most comfortable when up in press alignment, where he can use his long arms and upper-body strength to jam and re-route receivers on their release. He is a big hitter when tackling and often tries to jar the ball loose rather than going for the interception when playing the pass.

Antoine Winfield - (Grade: 79)
Winfield is an undersized perimeter defender who can also move inside to the nickel position. He has been playing with diminishing skills but still has enough athleticism to be effective. He has had an excellent career and provides experience and leadership.

Nnamdi Asomugha - (Grade: 78)
Asomugha had a solid season for the Eagles in 2012 but fell well short of expectations. However, he didn't appear to have the same explosive quickness and transition speed as he did in previous years. He's one of the biggest and most athletic perimeter defenders in the league -- a physical corner who utilizes his length and strength to redirect receivers. Asomugha is a 10-year veteran who has great natural tools and experience to be an impact player for any secondary when healthy.

Dominique Rodgers Cromartie - (Grade: 78)
Rodgers-Cromartie's second season in Philadelphia was much more productive than his first. He was a dynamic player in Arizona as a ball-hawking secondary defender and flashed some of those qualities last season. He has excellent length and athleticism. He is best when he can get his hands on receivers to reroute them. He isn't explosive in transition or closing but runs well in combination zone coverages. Rodgers-Cromartie can be an important factor in the success of a defense if he can continue to elevate his level of play in 2013.

Aqib Talib - (Grade: 77)
Talib was acquired in a trade from Tampa Bay in November to bolster a struggling Patriots secondary. He is a big corner with very good top-end speed and the kind of foot quickness and agility you would expect from smaller cornerbacks. He has a clean, compact backpedal and can clear his hips to turn and run with receivers with no loss of relationship. He is quick in transition and drives on balls thrown in front of him with a good burst. He has a tendency to undercut routes and jump on the first move and can be undisciplined with his coverage responsibilities. Talib is a talented perimeter defender, but he comes with some baggage.
Other notable CB's available - Chris Houston, Sheldon Brown, Sean Smith, Derek Cox, Keenan Lewis, Terance Newman, and Nate Clements.

Running Backs - Reggie Bush has already stated he will 100% not return to Miami. He's on his way to Detroit today and is expected to sign with them. Miami is developing Lamar Miller who is expected to take Bush's place. They also have Daniel Thomas, Jonas Gray, and Marcus Thigpen on the roster.

Stephen Jackson - (Grade: 81)
Jackson is a big, workhorse ball carrier who has been a productive downhill runner his whole career in St Louis. He can wear defenses down with his powerful running style yet has enough quickness and agility to make people miss once he gets to the second level. He does a good job of running behind his pads and shows excellent balance on contact as well as the power to move piles near the goal line. He may lack the elite speed to take it all the way but still has enough top-end speed to produce the occasional 40- to 50-yard run.

Ahmad Bradshaw - (Grade: 78)
Bradshaw had another excellent season in 2012, leading the Giants in rushing for the third year in a row. He's a powerfully built back with good athleticism. He has excellent inline vision, agility and quickness between the tackles. He doesn't have explosive speed, but he does have enough burst to and through the hole to pick up chunks of yards. Bradshaw has deceptive power to move the pile, and he runs with determination and attitude. He's also a solid receiver out of the backfield as well as an improved blocker in the passing game.

Rashard Mendenhall - (Grade: 77)
Mendenhall is a short, powerfully built runner with strength to move the pile on contact. He has good inline vision, agility and quickness to find a crease between the tackles. He's not an explosive athlete but has very good speed and can take it the distance when he gets in space. He is a solid receiver and blocker in the passing game. Mendenhall has spent parts of two seasons on IR, and his durability is a concern.

Shonn Greene - (Grade: 76)
Greene has put together back-to-back solid seasons as the Jets' featured back. He is a powerfully built back with excellent vision and deceptive quickness. He is best between the tackles and has effective inline running skills. He has good hands as a receiver out of the backfield and flashes effective ability to run after the catch. Greene isn't an explosive ball carrier but has stabilized New York's backfield with consistent performances.

Michael Turner - (Grade: 76)
Turner had his least effective year since coming to the Falcons in 2008, both in total yards (800) as well as yards per carry (3.6). It was the first year he failed to average more than four yards per carry in his career. He is a thick, powerful back with an aggressive running style that wears out a defense as the game progresses. But he's beginning to show signs of wear, as he's not as quick to the open lane as he used to be. Nor does he show the same explosive burst when he gets to the second level. He still runs with a strong base and does a good job of gaining yards after initial contact while maintaining excellent balance. He's a solid receiver on short swing passes or screens out of the backfield, but he's not as good trying to track the ball downfield.
Other notable RB's available - Peyton Hillis, Felix Jones, Leon Washington, Cedric Benson, Rashard Jennings, Beanie Wells, and Ryan Grant.

Defensive Ends - The Dolphins still have their top dog Cameron Wake, followed by Olivier Vernon, Jared Odrick, and Derrick Shelby.

Cliff Avril - (Grade: 84)
Avril had another excellent season for the Lions, leading the team in sacks with 9.5 in 2012. He is an excellent athlete with great edge quickness off the edge. He is undersized but has deceptive strength to hold the point defending the run. He plays bigger than his measureables suggest. He plays with active hands to control and separate from blockers more effectively. Avril has expanded his pass-rush abilities with quick counter moves off his speed rush. He has good range in pursuit and chases down ball carriers from the backside. Avril developed into an impact defender for the Lions last season.

Osi Umenyiora - (Grade: 80)
Umenyiora has been banged up and missed time over the past two seasons. When healthy, Umenyiora is one of the most explosive edge rushers in the league. He is an undersized defensive end with excellent athleticism. He can get walled off at times defending the run but understands how to leverage and separate versus larger players, utilizing quick hands and proper pad level. He has excellent range in pursuit and can often run down plays from the backside. Umenyiora is a player offensive coordinators need to account for in game plans.

Michael Bennett - (Grade: 79)
Bennett is a good-sized defensive end who has steadily improved in virtually every phase of his game since coming into the league as an undrafted free agent. He has very good initial quickness and solid upfield acceleration and agility as a pass-rusher. He can use his hands to get his shoulders past the blocker and pressure the pocket with a solid burst. He rarely stays blocked for long and will feel and fight through pressure as he squeezes the play down when defending the run. His reading and recognition skills have improved with experience, and he has become a very solid starter.

Glenn Dorsey - (Grade: 79)
Dorsey missed most of the 2012 season with calf injuries. He is a bit short but plays with excellent leverage and good strength. He does a good job using his hands to defeat and shed blockers and does a good job of feeling pressure and squeezing the play down versus the run. He has excellent short-area quickness and agility but lacks the great upfield acceleration needed to be a top edge rusher. He is quick to locate the level of the ball and takes good angles to get to the play.

John Abraham - (Grade: 77)
Abraham has played a lot of snaps for the Falcons in the past seven years (and that's after six years with the Jets). While he has lost a step, he still brings a solid rush coming off the edge. What he has lost in speed and acceleration, he makes up for with a solid array of counter moves and effort. He's quick to read blocking schemes, does a solid job of locating the level of the ball and taking good angles. But Abraham has been used more in pass-rush situations than on early downs over the past few years. He plays with a good pad level and does a good job of feeling pressure as he works his way to the ball. He knows how to use his hands and rarely gets stuck to blocks. He isn't a liability against the run, but it's not a strength. He will continue to be used as a situational player over the next few years.
Other notable DE's available - Michael Johnson (Franchised), Matt Shaughnessy, Ty Warren, and Kenyon Coleman.

So have at it boys. What say you?
I know these are big names, and I know Miami can't pick up every single guy on the market (this isn't Madden).
But we still have needs and these are some of the best of the best available at those positions.


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If we could get Rogers cromartie at a good price I think that wouls be a nice add


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Jan 22, 2004
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Don't forget cary Williams best corner available! Go get cary, then sign Eric Winston and Fred Davis and wait for the draft


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Mar 16, 2008
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Sunrise, FL
Cliff Avril opposite of Wake makes the front 7 one of the best in the league and allows us to make a play at CB in the draft.


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Aurora Il
With so many available, I don't see why we can't get at least 2 cornerbacks. It's been such a weakness for us for years (because Sean Smith is terrible) and we get freakin' carved up every time the other team goes to a 2-minute drill on us. The Patriots beat our brains in because of our terrible secondary and we'd be able to stuff the run so much better if we didn't have to play in nickel formation so much.
Wallace or no Wallace, I won't respect Ireland or the Dolphins unless they improve the secondary.

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There's also this: The more good NFL players we get, the more we can trade draft picks and move up each round to get more talented players.


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Get DRC and Cason and press every down. With Ellerbe and Wheeler we can run more blitzes and be more aggressive. We could have the football version of VCU's "havoc" defense. An offense that can score and a defense that can blitz and create turnovers is a recipe for success (see Saints in 2010).
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