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dch mentioned the possibility of signing him...he knows norvs system and is still relatively young(rookie in 95) what do you guys think???
I think he must be a legitimate option. If the coaching staff were worried about him we probobly would know it by now considering Norv coached him for so long, so he must have some sort of endorsement from Norv.

Westbrook has talent, that was never the question, it was always his temer. If Norv doesn't have a problem bringing him in, I don't see why any of us should, since he knows him WAAAAAAY better than any of us.
you're right, norv does know him better than we do, but the guy seems like an embarassment. i'll root for him if we sign him, but the guy got into a fight with an offensive teammate. now on opposite sides of the ball, you can MAYBE see intensity getting the better of two players... i just don't know. i do trust the staff, though. i'm betting the guy goes elsewhere.
Hell if he beats up a player who then in turn goes out and becomes a super star I'm all for it!! hahah

Stepen Davis was a nobody till Westbrook beat the face off him!! Oh that temper....but looks like he's matured.....enough for us(Norv) to consider him.
If Norv remembers Westbrook, and he should remember him well, no way he is for signing him.
Originally posted by codename47
If Norv remembers Westbrook, and he should remember him well, no way he is for signing him.
unless he has selective memory and only remembers 1999 when he had 65 rec for 1191 and 9 TDs. But that was the only season he did anything much.

Also, he is not that young, he will 30 soon.

I have had that guy on my fantasy teams 3-4 times, he always seems to be on the edge of breaking out but always disapoints, who knows new location and personal might be what he needs, talent is there, who knows..
....and he has a questionable attitude. Still says he hasn't changed because there was nothing wrong with him in the first place.
A temper is not always a bad thing, so long as it's channeled in the right direction. Remember Mark Clayton?
People people people.....
What is the one trait that alomost all of our players we have brought in have since Wann-Spiel took over? Good Character!!!

Listen, if there was a perceived problem with the guy and Norv didn't like him and didn't want him here, you know he would have spoken up and put an end to those rumors.

If you ask me, the only way he would get signed is if Norv gave him the ok. And since these rumors actually came out, you have to imagine there is at least minimal interest.
I'm for signing Westbrook! The guy has strength, size and attitude! We need some guys who are a little ****y. I'm not saying I want a locker room cancer, but if he is willing to knock a few defenders on their butts while Ricky is toting the rock than I'm all for it.
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