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Mid Week Report

I dont like the Bucs as high up as they are.. They havent played anyone good. They beat the 0-5 Rams, Beat 0-5 Bengirls................... Wait... yea they have played a good team. The Saints and they lost. I think the Bucs are over-rated. besides that, great job!
How can the broncos be better than us? We have a better QB, Better RB, a better #1 Receiver, a better FB, plus a better TE at this stage. And please let's not compare the defense. The only advantage their D has over us is two OLB's. That's It.
I can see where everone is comming from with the Broncos Dolphins thing, but once again, I don't see the Dolphins winning this sunday. It's one of the those gut feelings again that has led me to a 36-2 record for predictiong Dolphins games. I hope I'm wrong about this one
I don’t think we will score twice right away. But I do think Griese will get eaten alive not only by us but the fans. And we win.
Don't like the Bucs being that high. They beat the 0-5 Rams, 0-5 Cincy, 1-3 Atlanta (who has only beaten Cincy), and Baltimore when they were playing horrible. Their offense is not very good. The defense is very strong. But again, they've been beating up on some weak teams.
Well guys, I think the horses will win. I want the Dolphins to win, but don't think they will.

Everyone remember how we play off the humidity in Miami? What do you think about the altitude in Denver? You know it'll do the same thing to our boys. We'll get worn out early into the 3rd quarter. And I think that's where the game will be won: at the lines of scrimmage.

We win that and we could win, we lose it....then bad things happen.
Guys, the altitude is nowhere near as bad as they make it out be. I live up here in the altitude. They'll be used to it by the time the 1st half is over. They have won up in Denver before. The only homefield advantage they have is the fans......
Originally posted by IceStorm
And I think that's where the game will be won: at the lines of scrimmage.

I completely agree with you on this point IceStorm. Big difference in oxygen levels between sea level and mile high especially for the big boys. But I guess I'm too much of a homer because I think the Dolphins have more talent and will win if we play mistake free football.
Merman, I dunno if that comment up there was in response to mine, but I've flown from San Diego to Denver. It'll take a bit to get completely used to, but it isn't that big a deal. Its probably about as bad when the'Fins head up to North to play one of the division rivals late in the season. Its different, but they get used to it as the time goes on. We are a more talented team, and if the DL plays well, we win, simple as that......
The Dolphins-Broncos is really to close to call. To the guy that said Miami has a better #1 wr you are a bit of a homer. Sure I love CC, but Rod Smith caught 100+ passes last season, CC didn't catch 50. Anyway this will be settled on the feild this Sunday. My mian problem with your anallasys is the Eagles as high as they are. They have a great QB yes, but the rest of their team is lacking. We proved for many year that you need alot more than a great QB to be an elite team. I just don't follow the media who has Philly so high. They are yet to beet a trully good team, but they have lost to Jax and Tenn. The Jags are playing as good of football as anyone in the league right now, and they play in a very week division they could make some serious noise down the stretch.
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