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Apr 20, 2005
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Hey Everybody

Im a regular on the Philadelphia eagles message board, and I am running a Mock Draft Contest on there. Its very fun and simple to participate in. The rules are simple, and all you have to do to register is email me at gotemple14 @ yahoo. email me and ill set you up.

here are the rules...

you can only submit ONE mock draft, BUT once you submit it, you may change it, but i wont be taking any more Mocks after 12:00 noon on the Friday before the draft.

like i said, if you submit one now...and you want to change can. this is for a ton of reasons, the biggest being if you have KC taking Carlos Rogers and they sign Ty Law tomorow, and you want to change your pick.

There are several categories....

this will be the most popular one. everyone loves doing mock drafts. the format you send it to me is very important, because i want it to be as easy to read as possible. i dont want any explanations about any picks, just give it to me like this...

1. 49ers - QB Aaron Rodgers
2. Dolphins - RB Ronnie Brown
3. Browns - WR Braylon Edwards

keep it that way and itll be easy for me to "grade"

now for the scoring....

you will get points on a few different things....scoring will go as follows...

5 Points-------->Right Player, Right Team, Right Spot

i.e. you pick Aaron Rodgers to go 1st Overall to SF...and it happens

3 Points-------->Right Player, Right Team, Wrong Spot

i.e. you pick Ronnie Brown to go 2nd Overall to MIA, but MIA trades down to 7 and still gets Brown

2 Points-------->Right Position, Right Team, Right Spot

i.e. you pick Aaron Rodgers to go 1st Overall to SF, but they pick Alex Smith

2 Points-------->Right Player, Right Spot, Wrong Team

i.e. you pick Mike Williams to go 5th Overall to TB, but WAS trades with TB to take him at 5

1 Point--------->Right Position, Right Team, Wrong Spot

i.e. you pick Ronnie Brown to go 2nd Overall to MIA, but they trade down and get Carnell Williams

as far as trades go, you are allowed to pick up to and including 2 Trades.

scoring for trades go as follows...

12 Points------>Correctly Predicted Trade. The trade must be EXACT, if not, you dont get the full 12 points.

i.e. You pick a trade between the Eagles and Saints. The Eagles trade #31 and #63 for #16. But if the Eagles trade #77 instead of #63, it doesn't count.

6 Points------->Correctly Predicted Teams involved in a trade, but not right picks.

i.e. Look at above'd get 6 points for correctly predicting PHI and NO trading, but not the right picks.



In this category there are several different options where you pick over/under. All correct picks are worth 1 point.

1st Round QB---- 2.5
1st Round RB---- 2.5
1st Round WR--- 4.5
1st Round TE---- 1.5
1st Round OT---- 2.5
1st Round G/C--- 0.5
1st Round DE---- 6.5
1st Round DT---- 2.5
1st Round OLB--- 2.5
1st Round MLB--- 1.5
1st Round CB---- 5.5
1st Round S------ 1.5
Trades in 1st Round---- 10.5
Trades in Top 10---- 4.5
Matt Jones Draft Spot----- 39.5

again, im trying to get as many fans from around the NFL to sign up, its really fun and itll be a great way to stay interested throughout the first round of the draft. thanks. :D
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