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Sep 29, 2001
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Why did you delete that huge thread? I noticed today that my post count was way down from what it was last night, and than I saw a thread missing. Any reason for this?
The Nills fans pushed dolfan06 to his breaking point :D :evil: and you don't want to do that ;)

i'm sorry about that. there were about 5 barffalo fans on here last night and they posted "for bills only". i started deleting their posts and did that whole thread by accident!:(
Sounds to me like dolfan06 had to get his freak on! :D :lol: :p

if you're concerned about your posts, Miadphan13 and jaydog57 and i tried to argue with em for about an hour, i deleted some threads on purpose and i lost over 16 posts myself, i don't know how many the others lost! :(
oh, then i'm double sorry

take my word for it, it was all negative about the fins and some of it was slams against cubans in particular! :rolleyes:
Just like the Phin fan(s) wishing the WTC had fallen on/with Bills fans?

Sorry '06, Bills fans hardly have a monopoly on being negative/ignorant. Some of the guys (and gals) here, do a pretty good job of posturing for "weenie awards" (and that's being nice.)
every team has it's low level fans. The Dolphins are no exception. However I have to say that I have only met two New York Jet fans who I have thought were of class. Chopps, and another whom I can't recall the name.
hey artic............

you might be sorry, but it doesn't have to be about me! i said i deleted negative posts, i didn't say all bills were negative. :p (man, talk about you're short sighted people!) next time make sure your mind is in gear before you pop the clutch on your mouth!:yell:
I am happy to accept this weenie award. I would like to thank all the members of FinHeaven, the Dolphin organization for such a rollercoaster season and my friends and family. :D

Here are 3 facts:

1) This is a Dolphins fan's chatboard where Dolphins fans have the opportunity to vent good or bad. We are also able to vent about other teams.

2) Rival fans are invited to this board to talk football and to support their team. It is not appreciated when fans come over here to gloat about our loss just to be a$$holes, which is exactly what just recently transpired. If you guys don't like our responses when you piss us off, then have enough class and DON'T start ****! :mad:

3) If you guys talk smack and we smack back, you shouldn't cry about it. If you don't like it, you can always leave. :D

It is possible to come on here as a rival and be cool. Here is a list of classy rival fans:

Chops44 - Jets fan
NYRican - Jets fan
Ethand420 - Patriots fan
Bufbill1080 - Bills fan
Niner fan - 49ers fan
and countless Bronco fans

It is possible to come on here, talk football, support your team and not get into a vicious smack contest with us. :evil: This is OUR board. :fire:

Merry Christmas!! :D
LMAO 87! You're one up on me! I haven't met a Jest fan that I like yet, LOL!!

miadphan13: I have no real beef with you, but you DO come across as a (b)witch. :yell: (I was talking with some Phin friends of mine who used to frequent this board, and they agreed :lol: ) And FYI...I didn't come here to gloat, I was actually looking for some friends that used to post here (the ones I just mentioned above). Some of the comments I saw posted just forced me to comment about the lack of class by some fans here.


Merry Christmas!
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