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Mar 17, 2002
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The growing chorus of Dolphins players questioning the treatment of injured receiver Oronde Gadsden should be sending a strong message to his replacement, the recently unretired Cris Carter.

Tread lightly, old man.

Carter, who has a history of asserting himself (to put it as mildly as possible), will be faced with the major challenge of keeping his piehole in check unless/until the team accepts him.

It'll be a tall order for Carter to leave his sanctimonious nature in the trunk of his car as he joins the Dolphins. He's already made it clear that he's motivated only by the chance to win a Ring, which likely will make more than a few of his new teammates view him as an opportunist who is using their good start to put himself in position to fill the biggest void in his NFL career.

Really, Carter's Sauronic quest isn't likely to prompt him to keep his yap shut. If/when things get tough, Carter will be sounding off. He simply can't help it.

More accurately, he still doesn't seem to understand the connection between his words and deed and the manner in which others perceive him. He'll think he's helping the team by pointing out shortcomings, and he surely believes he's earned the right to do so, given his many accomplishments in the NFL.

But Carter's past means nothing to the guys in Miami, and we just can't see Carter fitting in with a bunch of guys who are already inclined not to like him, given that he's the replacement for Gadsden.

Again from Pro Football Talk......and AGAIN i must say i believe what they are saying....i agree with noone here that says carter is a good leader/mentor.....what kind of assanine excuses do people come up with for his actions in minnesota....if you ask me ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!!!!! how bout that?
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