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Moss in Jail


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Apr 20, 2002
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Great Falls MT
What a boob, this guy just doesnt get it does he? He got arrested for pushing a traffic cop out of the way of his vehicle with his vehicle!!! He has to be the biggest waist of athletic ability since Sammy Smith.
they should leave him there... from

Minnesota Vikings receiver Randy Moss was arrested Tuesday after being accused of bumping a traffic control agent with his car. The agent tried to stop Moss from making an illegal turn, and Moss used his car to slowly push the officer a half-block along the street, stopping when she fell to the ground, police spokeswoman Cyndi Barrington said.

they should cut Moss and bring back Carter :rolleyes:
It was a women police officer too!!!! What a ****ing worthless loser! This guy should rot in jail.
That sucks...wasted talent....He is exciting to watch...but only when he feels like playing.
D'marco Farr of the best damn sports show period had a good tidbit on Moss. He stated that when you pay a guy this early he quits caring on the field and they start to think that they don't have to try at all on or off the field. His words look prophetic now...
Class by himself

Come on guys, give Moss a break. He's bigger than the game, just ask him. No one has contributed more to the game than RANDY MOSS, this guy is most assuredly headed for the HALL OF SHAME, he's been nothing but a thug and that is all he is, a thug. Needs to be on the same roster as Cecil the Diesel and Lawrence Phillips, checkin out that striped sunshine. Honed his skills stealing chickens and jumping fences, catching the rocks that were being thrown at him.
Moss is such a bonehead.

In retrospect, I'm damn glad we didn't draft that goof. I'll take Chris Chambers over him any day of the week.
Well, if Randy Moss makes Canton after Bob Hayes didn't, there is no justice in this world.

Do or do not.....there is no try
This guys character is what's in question not his talent. We all know it's all about money, the NFL will allow the likes of Randy Moss to display his lack of sportsmanship on national tv, yet deny P Manning honoring Johnnie U, by wearing high tops. Give me a break. Daunte Culpepper should have smacked him across the head an been done with him. I CAN"t STAND JERKS.
Originally posted by Blitz
Moss is such a bonehead.

In retrospect, I'm damn glad we didn't draft that goof. I'll take Chris Chambers over him any day of the week.

Jimmy Johnson said after Moss dropped to 21 in the draft that if he had known he was going to drop that far he would have stayed at 19 and drafted him so we got real lucky there.
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