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Anyone catch the Nascar event at Chicago today? That Kiwi that won - Shane VanGisbergan - 1st attempt in a NASCAR by the way, is our 3 time V8 Supercar champion, Bathurst winner, NZ Grand Prix winner, podium finisher in his first attempt at a World Rally Championship event in NZ, Drift champion. Has some talent and just wins. 2025 I expect he will be in the States full time doing the Xfinity series or the main game.

Yeah, I was watching and thinking of you. I remember watching the Bathurst race you posted. Was rooting for him to beat the NASCAR regulars. Ended up being a pretty good race.
It was a good race. Plenty of passing, and the track wasnt too bad either. I bet he gets a huge reception this weekend in Townsville, which is the next race on our calender. Best part was the reception from the nascar regulars. Plenty of positive comments.

Almost had karting disaster the other day. Throttle stuck and I had to grab the kart to keep it from launching without driver. I normally start engine while in seat but these Super Stock engines have more compression and are harder to pull start than our normal engines. Really need a helper to start you while in kart. Live and learn.
Certainly was. I believe he is running the truck series next year, then possibly stepping up to the next level. Young Brodie kostecki didnt do too bad either, finished mid 20's thanks to a late pit stop.

Made it back in town and raced at Wilmington on Sunday. I had my best finish ever spanning 7 years and over 25 races at the track finishing 2nd on the podium. I thought I had a chance at my first win there but finished 5 seconds behind Braden who is 40 years younger than me. When I saw him at the track, I knew I was probably racing for 2nd. But I'll take it. One step closer to that elusive win.

My brother get his first win in over 2 years at Whiteland Raceway Park this past weekend. The track has live Facebook broadcast of race. I watched and recorded from Michigan while taking care of my mom. Our race team is split right now. One watches mom and the other races. So happy for him.
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