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Mueller Candid About Ricky 14 Days Ago


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Feb 3, 2002
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I posted this in my other thread. But this one is a little bit different than where I'm trying to go in my other thread. So I'm deleting over there.

Here's what Randy Mueller thinks about Ricky Williams returning to Miami. This one is HOT. He's candid about what led to the decision to deal Ricky.

EDIT: Confirmed ESPN paid content. So I have to take it down. I'll give a brief summary.

Randy said his opinion of Ricky hasn't changed since the first time they met. Says Ricky's a good guy with a good heart. Says he's not a problem in the locker room or affect team chemistry because he's a loner. Says he's just unpredictable and that will always be the case.

Randy said that after Ricky ran for 1000 yards in 10 games and broke his leg, he and Haslett decided they'd seen enough. The off-field issues that are public now where around back then. They weren't going to stake the franchise on him.

Says it's risky to put all your eggs in the Ricky basket. Like McAllister, drafting Ronnie Brown gives the Phins insurance a great insurance policy on Ricky Williams going AWOL again. Said there's nothing wrong with a little depth, and all this costs Miami is a roster spot.

Says it makes business sense for Saban to keep the door open even though the team has won the $8 million judgement because they get value for that money.

Says while the weight loss makes Ricky less of a player, if he rushes for 1,000 yards while sharing the load with Brown, that he guarantees someone will give the Phins something for him next year.

He finishes with.....

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'd want Williams on my team. I am saying, though, that the Dolphins might not be as crazy as some think for wanting him back.
I knew I remembered reading that somewhere. Yeah it was/is Espn Insider. I still think he lets Ricky back (for a smaller $) then after a decent year (hopefully) they get something for him. If he has a bad year they can just cut their ties!
I agree with randy on this front. I've heard good and badabout randy, at least his opinion is thought out and not weighted by how upset he made people but rather best interests of the team. (yes I'm taking a shot at the ricky haters) Welcome aboard Randy
The article can only be viewed by ESPN Insider members. I read the article and then emailed Randy to invite him to visit this website. I've emailed him in the past when ESPN had their Ask Mueller segments and he always gets back to you. A great, down to earth guy who takes the time to answer every email. Hopefully, he'll browse our message board and maybe even drop us a line or two.
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