My 2021 Qb Holton Ahlers

Discussion in 'NFL Draft Forum' started by crumpdaddy, May 2, 2018.

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    I mentioned before that every year a new class is going to pop their heads in and be over drafted when people were panicking over the big 4 (or 5) this year, and how we will see the same thing next year. Just so I sound like a complete homer already, this is the guy im banging my drum for now. Tannehill has a good 3 years left in him :)

    Holton Ahlers

    I wish East Carolina would've never lost Lincoln Riley (even though everyone knew it was gonna happen) we have a stud QB coming in this year who will hopefully start as a true fresh and I think if we still had Riley then in 3 years everyone would be salivating over this kid and he would prob be ECU's highest player ever drafted. Think CJ2K has that honor right now.

    The 6-foot-4, 235-pound lefty ended his career as the state’s third all-time leading passer and second all-time in total offense. He’s also third in touchdown responsibility, third in passing touchdowns, fifth in completions and sixth in passing attempts.

    Completions: 670 (fifth all-time)
    Passing attempts: 1,157 (sixth all-time)
    Passing yards: 11,198 (third all-time)
    Touchdown passes: 145 (third all-time)
    Interceptions: 28
    Rushing yards: 3,586
    Rushing touchdowns: 56
    Total offense: 14,784 (second all-time)
    Touchdown responsibility: 201 (third all-time)

    He was the top QB in NC and I knew college was crooked, but his national ranking dropped, and he dropped a star when he bypassed the big schools to play for ECU. I was like wow he drops from 4* to 3* the day he commits to ECU, hmmm

    The biggest negatives that hes going to incur is, our coaching from top to bottom is garbage, we've lost steam with recruits since Lincoln Riley was A+ on the recruiting game, and unless the Offense changes we'll be running the air raid (with out high talent weapons) So the kid has a lot stacked up against him, luckily he is loyal to his parents alma mater.

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