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My AFC Predictions

I think Jets have a solid team and it will a toss up between Dolphins and Jets for AFC east but looking at the Dolphins schedule, I can see them going 12-4 or 13-3......I can see why you picked Jets to win division...I also think Bills will go 6-10......
Not to sound homeristic, but I think you'll be eating a little crow at the end of the season. I realize you're trying to remain objective (especially in the AFCE), but I don't think the Jets will have quite as much success as you predict, nor will the Dolphins fail to improve on 11-5. I can also see the Colts doing better than you predict in a weak division, the Titans will be sporadic (as usual) at best...
I may be wrong here too, but I think the AFCW will be more competitive than you may think... any one of those teams could be the New England of 2002...
The NFL might as well give the Steelers a pass to the Playoffs and a 1st round bye. Cleveland, Bengels, and Ravens. Come on. All we can hope for is when Pittsburg wakes up to play a real team in the playoffs they show their true colors.
Yeah I'm not sold on San Diego at all. I think they'll be solid but a young QB usually struggles his first year starting and I don't see the WR core to take the pressure off LT.

I think the Raiders win that division. I don't think the Bungles make the playoffs over the Titans. I can see why you picked the Jits...I'm very worried about them and think they'll win it barring injury to a key guy.(They have depth EVERYWHERE.)

We'll see but I'm thinking a 2nd rd playoff loss is a coming again. Damn!
The Phins have to contend with the Jets and NE. If we had to contend with Cleveland, Cin, and Balt we'd be healthy and have a bye given to us.
A LOT of weird things are going to happen if the Bungles make the playoffs...I think Cleveland will be better than Cincy.

AFC Playoff teams will be...
New England*
The Titans will be in the playoffs. Eddie George is healthy and pain free. Defense is still pretty good. McNair gets better every year (except when he plays us).
Oakland won't be that good this year 9-7, 8-8. No Jon Gruden, no playoffs. They are too damn old.
Originally posted by chambers84
Oakland won't be that good this year 9-7, 8-8. No Jon Gruden, no playoffs. They are too damn old.

I think Oakland has one more push before the vets get put out to pasture...:D
East: Dolphins - cause we beat the Texans in a preseason game.
South: Titans - Eddie is back!
West: Raiders - SOMEONE has to win this division ... right???
Central: Steelers - even Kordell can't ruin their chances

Jets - Moss gets injured again ... but it doesn't matter
Colts - cause I always say there will be 3 teams from the AFC East in the playoffs ... wait a minute ...
Who won that game Moulds? I can't remember...can you let me know?
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