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My biggest fear on Sunday


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Dec 12, 2001
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Is shannon Sharpe. Greenwodd can not cover him due to speed, and cousin can't match up w/him physicly. If we send Zach out on him we will be vaunrable to the run. I wonder what Jim Bates plans to do to stop him. How about brining Freeman in on more plays to cover Sharpe, but line him up as a LB, and let Walker step up to help stop the run?
That is a big matchup. If I am Bates, I would mix things up a lot since you can also go zone; but I would worry about the run first since Grbac sucks.
Zach can cover him, but he'd be susceptible to the play action pass. You also need to preassure Grbac, because he'll turn the ball over. You're not going to be able to run the ball, so your line MUST focus on pass protection. Jay better step up. This is a tough game regardless of the Baltimore offense.
Originally posted by CHOPS44
This is a tough game regardless of the Baltimore offense.
unless we get Grbac to throw a few passes to Brock and Pat ;)
The number 1 priorty is to get pressure on GRBAC!! Disrupt him and get his confidence broke! MADISON and SURTAIN should be able to go man to man on ISMAIL and TAYLOR!! WALKER is the wild card here! I see him cheating up for the run and shadowing SHARPE! The Ravens are gonna try to run behind ODGEN their left tackle, so I see Walker watching for that! They must break GRBAC though! If they have no pass rush like sometimes in the past, Grbac as much as he SUCKS can shred the PHINS!! I think DAVID BOWENS should play more! He seems like the only guy that pressures the QB!! Jason Taylor must bring his A game!! The Phins need to score on defense too! I see the RAVENS pressuring Feidler!BOULWARE versus Folua, AH! I like BOULWARE!! You know what happens when he gets rattled!! TURNOVERS!! Hopefully they won't screen pass every play!! We'll see??
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