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My first ever team analysis

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Jun 10, 2004
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I've avoided doing one of these for a long time. Usually I just play devil's advocate. But I think the naysayers really have little ammunition left to use against our management. Saban has drafted some keepers that will keep our team young for some time.

First of all, I'm really excited most of our draftees were defense. It's what we needed.

Our offense is very young, that's what people aren't realizing. We need coaching, not more new people.
QB's: Feeley is young, give him a year. IF he doesn't pan out, we can draft a QB with the 23rd-25th pick next year (that's my guess)

RB's: This is important. Having Gordon and Morris as our #1/#2 backs made us the worst in the league. Now having them as #2/#3 RB's gives us extremely talented depth behind our future pro-bowler, Ronnie Brown.

WR's/TE's: STill very young corps, lets just hope we sign McMichael to a LongTerm deal. No worries here. The best part about trading Surtain, maybe now we can go after a key vet like Troy Brown

Lineman: unrefined, but very young, If Houck can work his coaching mojo, we'll be fine. not dominating, but good enough

DEFENSE: WE're about to get younger, extremely important so we don't turn into a rebuilding team.
DEF line: our biggest problem is that we've been hanging onto Tim Bowens way too long. He's too unreliable. Now we have Carter and Chester, with possibly Vickerson and ROmero as the future of the franchise. The DE's. We have plenty. IF Holliday doesn't pan out (which I think he will now that he has great talent around him) then we have great young alternatives like Roth to replace him. We won't even mention Ogunleye ever again with the talent we now have.

LB's: another weakness with Seau here only on emore year, and Zach's value decreasing every year. I love the Channing Crowder pick. If he's healthy, he's a first round pick that will contribute as potentially great starter. The only drawback, with those injuries, he probably won't be a 10-year starter. But if he can give us 4-5 great years. we're set.

DB's: WIth Saban's system, we're set. We don't have the pure cover guys, but we don't need them as much. WIth our MUCH improved front seven, our pass rush is even better, de-emphasizing the need for guys like Surtain.

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