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Feb 18, 2008
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Karlos Dansby[ILB](6'4",254) or Casey Hampton[NT](6'1",325),Rashad Jeanty[SOLB](6'2",247)


We can't afford Dansby AND Hampton.Nose Tackles of Hamptons abilities are severely hard to find,however Dansby is younger,and would be a longer option for us.Either way,we have to adress the position we didnt get.

At SOLB,we dont have anybody,and in the draft,I have us takin Brandon Graham,however like Woodley,he probably wont be ready til his sophmore season to be a full-time starter,so i have us getting a stand in SOLB,whos a Miami native,and should be available this off-season,seeing as Cincinnati already has one of the better young starting OLB corps in Maualuga,Brooks,and Dhani Jones.Even as a RFA,its more likely they'll let him walk,and grab a replacement in the draft.

I dont expect,nor do I want Anthony Fasano back.He isnt a reliable option at all in the passing game,and Omar says 2 Dolphins officials want to bring in a more pass-catching oriented TE to the team,as you will see in my draft later on.

For our FA,I see us bringing back Jason for one more year,simply because we have no veterans on this team,and Jason is known throughout south FLA,and is an underrated asset to the team.I see us cutting Gibril,unless he takes a pay-cut,cause Miami cant risk not to have cap consequences outside this off-season.Other players possibly to get cut are as follows:Quentin Moses(did anyone even know he was still on the team???),Erik Walden,Kory Sheets,among others....


Hopefully,the Anqaun Boldin trade for a 3rd rounder is nearing completion,or being discussed at the least,cause I think we can all agree,we CANNOT go in next season with this group of receivers and expect a different outcome.Somethings' gotta change....

As far as drafting a WR in the draft, a lot of people are real high on Dez Bryant......not me.Im not saying he can be a no. 1.....or even no. 2.Im just saying I would like to see him perform without having other receivers go under or over him,so that coverage will tilt enough to get him open.Too many times I've seen some of that,and Miami doesnt run a spread very often,so thats something to take under consideration and be cautious of.

At 12,if McClain and Bryant are gone,I really dont consider any players to be either good fits,or good value,and so I think trading out would be the best option.However,with the unknowns of this who uncapped,CBA bs,I really dont know if anyone would switch with us...unless Bryant or Haden fell,and a team like Baltimore wants to trade up and snag them,but I just dont know...


1:Brandon Graham,SOLB out of Michigan(6'2",264)

Really strong at the POA,and very stout against the run for his size.Graham probably maxed out,which is a concern,cause he might have to add some upper body strength,as most of his power is from the lower.He does have short arms,and might have trouble reading the play,but his pursuit,drive,and determination were all on display in the Senior Bowl.

Graham lead the NCAA this past year in TKL(tackles for loss),and thats definately soemthing Miami could use.Miami doesnt get to the QB as much as the stats may say.I think Miami was top 10 in sacks in '09,but if you watched the games,it seemed like the Qb had ALL DAY to throw,or maybe Im just making a mountain out of a mole-hill,but w/e.....

Graham is often compared the former Wolverine Lamarr Woodley.In that,he too played DE all his years at Michigan,but under a year of tutoring he became one of the better SOLBs in the game the past couple years,and Graham has just as much athletism as Woodley.Time will tell,but Graham looks to eb the best SOLB prospect in this years draft.

Brandon Graham, Michigan
Height: 6-1. Weight: 263.
Projected 40 Time: 4.72.
Projected Round (2010): 1-2.
1/31/10: Brandon Graham won Senior Bowl MVP, and deservedly so. He was in the South backfield all afternoon and even made some great stops against the run. Mike Mayock even compared Graham to LaMarr Woodley. Graham is too short to be a 4-3 defensive end, but he should feel right at home as a 3-4 rush linebacker. Arizona, New England and Green Bay will consider him at the end of Round 1.

1/22/10: Brandon Graham finished his senior campaign with an amazing 25 TFL and 9.5 sacks.

11/14/09: A projected solid right end or 3-4 linebacker in the NFL, Brandon Graham has 17 TFL and 6.5 sacks in 2009.

5/18/09: Brandon Graham finished the 2008 season with 20 TFL and 10 sacks.

11/16/08: It should be interesting to see if Ben Graham can run a 4.6 at the combine. If he does, he'll definitely turn some heads. Through nine games, Graham has 15.5 TFL and nine sacks.

2:Cam Thomas,NT out of (6'4",331)

Very agile and stout.He moves very well at 331 lbs.,and has surprisingly good feet.Durability is a concern,not to mention we wasnt exactly a game changer you would hope he'd be at NCU.Still,Cam has mroe than enough ability to be a NT in a 3-4.His strength is great,and his lower body is well-built.Telling you that he has stability inside the trenches.

Hes very hard to run against,as he clogs the middle,and often alters the runners vision,and allowing his teammates to make the play,which is essentially what you want in a NT.

EDIT: I mentioned above that we'd either get Dansby or Hampton,but if we end up with Hampton,we'd still need a repacent for him,as I dont think he has longer thn 4 years in the league,and young 3 3-4 NTs need a couple years,maybe even 3 til they start to become effective.

3:Hopefully this pick belongs to the Cardinals,but if it doesnt than hers the selection.

Jimmy Graham,TE out of the U(6'7",259)

Graham only played football for 1 year,but he definately took advantage of his opportunites....Scoring a team high 5 receiving TDs.Graham is a terrific athlete,who played basketball for 7 years prior to football.He has a vert. of 39.5,which is insane,as theres RB and WR and even corner who dont have even have a 30 inch. vert.He also runs a 4.6 appearantly,which is great for a TE,and is very agile,with a nice burst of acceleration.

Graham has big,soft hands,but they are inconsistant,but not erratic.He runs his routes smoothly,and effortlessly,and uses basketball tactics at times(speaking of boxing out,spacing,and tele-graphing,etc.).Graham a hard worker,and griddy player,who wont last past the 3rd round,and should he have a great combine,he'll likely hear his name in the latter part of the 2nd round.

4:Cameron Sheffield,WOLB out of Troy(6'3",256)

hmmm...Brandon Lang,or Cameron Sheffield?

I go will Cameron,as he has a much more explosive burst....dotn believe me? see for yourself...


Sheffield has more experience in coverage than Lang,and is good against the run,and excells as a pass rusher.Looks like a good WOLB in a 3-4.Should Wake not pan out,we need to be ready....

6:Anthony Anderson,RB out of Tulane(5'11",212)

Runs behind his pads,and has moee than adquate speed to be a factor for Miami.We really dont know where we'll be in 2011(with RB contract expiring,and Ricky retiring...suposedly....).Its good to get a runner acclimated witht he line as early as possible.

Andre Anderson, Tulane
Height: 6-0. Weight: 212.
Projected 40 Time: 4.50.
Projected Round (2010): 4-5.
1/16/10: Andre Anderson finished the year with 1,016 yards and eight touchdowns on a 4.3 average. He also caught 30 balls out of the backfield.

10/10/09: Andre Anderson has bounced back well from his shoulder injury. Through four games, Anderson has 354 yards and five touchdowns on a 4.7 YPC. He also has seven receptions for 63 more yards.

2/6/09: Taking over for Matt Forte, Andre Anderson rushed for 864 yards and caught 25 passes for 202 yards in just seven games. Unfortunately, he suffered a separated shoulder in October and was lost for the year.

6b:Robert Johnson,FS out of Utah(6'2",197)

Very good ball skills....probably among the top 3-4 in the class of '10.Very tall and lean,and can easily add another 15 lbs. to his frame,as he isn't strong enough to play right away.

Robert Johnson, FS, Utah
Height: 6-2. Weight: 200.
Projected 40 Time: 4.55.
Projected Round (2010): 4-5.
1/14/10: Robert Johnson struggled in 2008, but rebounded well as a senior, earning a spot on the All-Mountain West First Team. Johnson had a whopping six interceptions and six pass deflections to go along with 70 tackles and four TFL.

3/13/09: Despite 41 tackles, four interceptions and three passes broken up, Robert Johnson lost his job at some point in 2008. He also dealt with a hamstring injury.

8/6/08: Robert Johnson started seven games as a sophomore, as he was battling shoulder problems all year. He picked off three passes and qualified as an All-Mountain West honorable mention.
6c:perry Riley,WILB out of LSU(6'2",245)

Very strong tackler,and moves exceptionally in space.Good leadership,and has tons of experience.Has good times speed of 4.63 for ILB.Might have to wait til the 'Phins rid themselves of Crowder,but will be a starter one day,given the proper teachings

7:Sherrick McManis,CB out of Northwestern(6'1",190)

Sherrick McManis, Northwestern
Height: 6-1. Weight: 190.
Projected 40 Time: 4.51.
Projected Round (2010): 5-6.
1/9/10: Sherrick McManis played through a few games with a quad injury, but had to miss three others. He was still an All-Big Ten second-teamer with five interceptions and seven passes broken up.

3/7/09: An All-Big Ten honorable mention, Sherrick McManis had 67 tackles, two picks and 11 passes broken up.

8/5/08: A tall corner with a great 40, Sherrick McManis will get noticed at the combine. McManis started for Northwestern as a sophomore and also did a good job as a return specialist.
7b:Corey Peters,DE out of Kentucky(6'3",300)

Why should a NFL team draft you?
I’ll never be trouble off the field. You won’t hear “it’s not my fault” because I’ll never put myself in those situations. My goal is to make the team proud they took the chance with me and constantly work to get better.

2010 Offense:












2010 Defense:








CB1-Smith,J. Allen,McManis

CB2-Davis,W. Allen



The Orange stands for draft picks that make the team.
(I have Anderson and Peters making the PS)

The Red stands for free agent signing

The Blue stands for if Boldin does come to Miami for a 3rd,then Jimmy Graham is not coming to Miami,and for thatscenerio I have the following at TE:

Joey Haynos,Kory Sperry,John Nalbone

The Green stands for either signing will go through,while the other will not.

Again,as stated,I do think Dansby is a better option,cause then we dont have to stockpile backers in the draft.Also,I have Clemons as a SS,but only because he played SS althoughout his rookie season,up until the Pitts game.Theres still an outside chance of him being the FS next year,as you dont usually put in a young player unless your prepping him for next season,so keep that in mind...


let me know what you think...I'll have a poll up os you can rate my ideal off-season.
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