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My Interview With Ray Lucas


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Sep 2, 2001
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Me: Morning Ray.

Lucas: I guess.

Me: What's the matter, feeling a little blue?

Lucas: No, I am feeling a lot teal. (laughs)

Me: So how do you feel Jay is doing now that the turnovers have subsided?

Lucas: Jay has a great feel for the game, and sometimes even the best quarterbacks throw int's. Look at Peyton Manning right now, if you ask me, Jay is a better QB at this point of the season simply because we have been working with no running game the whole year. Manning loses his stud RB, and now the pressure is heavy on his shoulders to win games. He now has what 17 interceptions?

Me: Yea, but he also has 20 touchdown passes.

Lucas: So what, how many games have they won?

Me: Looking to give the Colts bulletin board fodder?

Lucas: Sure, they need some kind of motivation don't they? (laughs)

Me: Don't you get anxious to get in there and show the world what you have?

Lucas: Hell yes, but it is Jay's time right time will come.

Me: Did you know that almost every Dolphin fan on the planet was calling for you to start following the Jets game?

Lucas: Really? Did any of them talk to Coach about it? (Laughs)

Me: Did the fans have a point?

Lucas: Sure. Anytime a player is not getting it done, you have to take the next logical step.

Me: and that next step was you, right?

Lucas: I guess in the fans minds it was, but the reality of that whole situation was team mistakes. There were some throws that Jay just flat missed, and he would be the first to tell you that, but there were also just as many times where the receiver made the mistake.

Me: like routes being run incorrectly?

Lucas: Not incorrectly, see it's a thing where you have to get to know the guys you are throwing too. You start to understand how a guy will run his route, how he plays a D.B. if he jams him, or plays soft.

Me: can you give me an example?

Lucas: Sure. Let's take Chamber's for instance. If a D.B. jams him at the line, he will almost always fake to the inside, then bust it back out. Now at this point in his route, he will have to read the coverage, and also if there is a blitz on. If he is the "hot" receiver, he needs to break off short to give us an outlet. But if he has single coverage, and let's say Lamar, or Travis have the "hot" route, then Chris can bust down the field, and try to get seperation for the deep pass.

Me: So if C.C. reads it wrong, and goes deep, when Jay is depending on him to break it off short, then the turnover is Chamber's fault.

Lucas: It's a team mistake.

Me: way to cover Ray. Well this has been interesting, and hey, will you let C.C. know that we here at Fin Heaven have given him his official nickname?

Lucas: Oh this ought to be good, what is it God?

Me: No we are saving that for you Sweets (laughs) His is Chris "Execution" Chambers.

Lucas: HELL YEA! He has "executed" a couple teams this year, I like it.

Me: Thanks for the interview Ray, tell Travis he is next ok?

Lucas: Cool.

(editors note...portions or all of this interview might have been altered or never happened, frankly I think I need therapy :D)
Oh man... and just think... this guy edits the articles.... :lol:

jk... too bad we can't get real interviews... :(
Originally posted by dolfan87
(editors note...frankly I think I need therapy :D)

Nah, but you are definitely in good company! :goof: GOOD JOB!! :lol:
Man, I remember this thread....

I read the title and thought WTF?

Wow, 2001, we've come a long way.
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