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My point of view on the loss...


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Oct 15, 2001
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Its tough to swallow a loss (especially against a losing team!)...but thats life in the win some you lose some...

Our pass defense sucked big time. I dont want to make excuses but it could be we need Surtain back. Freeman played solid, not great, but solid enough. Marion also. Our problem was Gonzales, I dont think any of our LBs could take him, so they were trying to put our safetys on him which even that was hard. That TD pas to Gonzales was well defended by Brock....and he was able to still manage the catch. Madison played good. Fletcher....This could be a problem down the stretch, this guy is totally lost....He needs to shape up and patience is not on his side anymore. Im not blaming all the loss on him but he was a big part of it.

Our Offense.....I thought played great. The Chiefs knew N. Turner Likes to go to McMicheal and they took care of him. R.Williams ...played solid as usual but was tooken out of the picture way to early. Our WRs...Played great. Our O-Line played solid also I dont think we could have asked for more especially with Dixon out. Fiedler....I thought played good...however have you noticed that when he throws a pick in a game he usually throws a bunch of them...almost like if he cant just throw one....and 2 of them werent his fault....

Special word....EXCELLENT!

Overall....WE COULD PLAY BETTER.....Losing to the Chiefs out of all teams probably was never expected lets hope our pass defense steps up!
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