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My present thoughts (if anyone cares)


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Oct 15, 2001
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First off, Im trying to regain my voice from last nights game and hopeing my finger nails grow out soon becuase some of them hurt from biting the third layer......anyways, what a great game that was....and as for the Broncos, they sure are dirty and its emberrasing when you cheat and still cant win a game LMAO! that cheap shot was uncalled for, Kennedy should be fined his whole salary of this year and suspended indefenitly I sure hope it cost that A-hole his job! Hitting Chambers was so crucial that even I felt the pain and boy hes lucky I wasnt in Denver drunk or I might have ran out on that field, I have been the kind of person to never wish an injury on any player no matter how much I hate him ,but if there was ever such a time I felt diffrent it had to be yesterday, I felt someone shouldve took Kennedys head off! let Deon Dyer loose or something! payback's a bitch! we finally get the reciever we all longed for and the broncos try and take him away! now thats bull****! Thank GOD hes ok and was able to get up......I hope this doesnt effect Chambers Playing ability overall, I hope hes not effect his ability to go over the middle after a hit like that...and now Fiedler is out....I remember when he first took over as the Dolphins QB I was never satisfied with him being our starter....and 2 seasons later look at me now, wishing he was our starter for the rest of the way. He has really won me over as a fan of his...sure everybody has their bad days but he wins games and thats what counts.....Now Lucas is a great QB also and we have seen what he can do when hes at his best, the only downside I see to this is him coming out rusty....but If you ask me who would I perfer to start I would say Fiedler instantly....especially after everything Fiedler has done for us....I hope he comes back 100% to rally us to the big game...But I guess this is the opportunity for all those who still dont like Fiedler to evaluate what he brings to our team, Im not saying Lucas wont be succesfull...but I dont think he will be any better than Fiedler they are both equally great with 2 diffrent styles.
True words WCF-Fiedler bashers have to feel a little foolish after he gave everything he had to put us in a position to win. The guy has heart, desire and for what it's worth, my respect. I hope Ray steps in and plays well, no reason to believe he won't. This is his chance to shine but I'll be glad to see #9 back in action very soon.
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