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My thoughts on the scrimage(defense)


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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
First let me say you may get conflicting info since there was no hitting for the first team. Tenn's backs and WRs kept going after they were touhed and the play was over, and their QB kept passing the ball after they were sacked.

First drive our D pretty much got walked all over, but it is hard to tell since Tenn kept playing even though the play would have been over. The play that really stood out in the first drive was Freeman on a run blitz that would have stopped George 4-5 yards behind the line. Chester also would have gotten to Mcnair once, but no one was calling penaltys and a Tenn o-lineman grabbed his jersey after he was beet and spun chester around. Overall our secondary looked like they were watching the beutifull blonde that kept bending over in the stands(the cameras even panned on her and i dont blame them.) They played very soft and let Tenn catch the short stuff then they would all jump on them.

The 2nd drive was great! Bowens and JT put alot of preasure on O'Donnel and came away with 2 sacks. Chester also came up with another sack from the inside. What got me very excited is when they moved Jay Williams inside on pass plays. He was flat out awesome. He got one sack that counted, but another that they kept playing. He was deep in the backfeild on every play that he lined up at DT. Miami went with 4 des on in their dime package putting Burnett and JT on the edge and Bowens and Williams at DT. It looked like a jail break all 4 of them could have ended up with the sack. I was very impressed with the amount of preasure the 4 down lineman put on, and can only hope it continues.

On the 2nd team a couple of guys stood out. Henry Trailer looked real good on running plays holding up the line, and put some real nice preasure on passing plays. Severs the 5'10 225 pound MLB put a nice hit on the RB after he caught a screen pass, and he seemes to be a ball hawk on running plays. The other guy that stood out was the S Miami just signed a few days ago from NFL Europe(someone help me with his name). He cam up with a real nice int on a deep pass reading the QB perfectly and stepping right in for the big pick.


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Aug 3, 2002
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I would say Justin Severns is for real. he was in on play after play. all i was seeing was #55. that to me is minnie zach. i ouwld think about moving hendricks out to OLB and severns making this team for sure. cant wait to see him on ST.
henry Taylor was playing real good. he was cat quick and when you have that in a DT. you have something special. if i were ernest grant i would be very worried. this guy could be the secret weapon that enabled us to trade for williams and dump gardener.


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Feb 4, 2002
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scrimage report..................

it was obvious ther was some sort of agreement with the teams to not tackle. our defense was swarming and lightning fast right off the bat. they would touch the guy and then the players would nod at each other and you could tell it was a planed thing. on the touch down by the titans, it was cought down the middle and our db was right on him. gave him the solid touch [undoubtedly would have been a tackle and down] and the guy ran through, another db right behind the first, same touch, it would have been a tackle, and the guy runs for the endzone.

the agreement was over. it was all tackle and hits after that and the titans didn't do didly. our defensive line was having it's way. HENRY TAYLOR better be the 4th dt over earnest grant. it was the henry taylor show in that scrimage. exellent against the run and pass.

i counted 7 sacks in that game. jay williams, rob burnett and chester taylor had sacks. so did david bowens and jason taylor. we had others that would have been sacks in the 1st series or two when they were playing touch ball.

LARRY CHESTER is a bull and is all that. i promis everyone, no one will miss daryl gardner. after the scrimage, dave was all smiles when chesters was brought up.

another thing that was apparent was ther was no big drop off in play when the second tear guys came in. we finally have quality depth. seaverns, taylor, even the new safety kid, jason moore had a real nice pic coming off his guy and playing the ball. i am very, very happy with our depth. at this point.

AGAIN, this was no 3 and out thing. each team got 10 to 15 plays and then gave the ball back. even in the first series, if it would ahve been a game, the titans would not have kept the ball.

AND, it was very obvious the emphasis was on keeping both teams players form injury. they even ended the scrimage an hour early because of the heat. good call on the touch but don't break agreement dave and jeff had in that game.

there are players that just have something, you know it when you see it. TIM LEVCIK, JUSTIN SEAVERNS and RANDY McMICHAEL have it. these guys WILL be players. it was very clear why norv like levcik so much. decisive, strong arm and his t.d. throw in between 2 defenders at the goal line was very marinoish! i think henry taylor may be one of those players to.

RAY LUCAS and ROB KONRAD were there same old imconsistant selves. lucas bombs every ball like he's thowing a grenade at sadam or bin laden! NO touch at all.

ther was no game plan for this scrimage. it was just plain read and react. our guys were clearly the victors.

AND also, LEONARD HENRY lokked quick and decisive. hope he stays around.

I THOUGHT SETH MCKINNEY looked real good in the middle. opened up a couple nice little runs in up the gut. he IS the future at center. maybe near future. very solid guy for only being there a couple of days.
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