Name A Prior 5th Round Pick You Expected To Do Great Things With Miami.

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Feb 8, 2005
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The ones I remember immediately are Leroy Harris and Don Bessilieu from the late '70s. That was my top era for following the draft...late '70s through early '80s. I knew every player that went off the board even though it was 12 rounds.

In college at USC I would take large manila folders and open them up lengthwise, while writing down every pick carefully in magic marker. This was all 12 rounds. Then I'd tape the folders to our living room wall smack behind the television...2 rows of 6 rounds apiece. We had 4 guys and all sportsminded every year so nobody complained. For the remaining month or so of spring semester we'd sit on the couch and often debate each round and who we thought aced the picks and who screwed up. I really wish I had taken pictures of those folders but like so many things we took it for granted. Not exactly digital in those days.

In 1977 running backs could change the outcomes of a game. We had lost Csonka and Kiick years earlier, and Morris was at the end. Norm Bulaich and Don Nottingham were okay in stretches but we desperately needed a young fullback. Leroy Harris looked great in clips, despite the small school and short stature. I was elated that we took him.

Harris didn't have a long career but was fantastic that rookie season, especially in a home Monday Night win over the nemesis Colts. That was one of the most electrict atmospheres ever for the Orange Bowl. Harris had a long touchdown run down the right sideline in that game that is one of the best runs in franchise history. The city exploded.

Bessilieu had a strange lanky frame. He never looked like a long range every-down player as much as a big hitter and kick blocker. That's what he was known for at Georgia Tech. And he did offer those skills to the Dolphins in quick memorable fashion. But I don't think he did it for long. We seemed to give up on him quickly even though he was a good special teams guy. I was puzzled by that. In this era with expanded roster size he would have stuck around longer. I guess Shula thought he was too much of a liability in coverage.


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Nov 24, 2016
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He played well for us. Yes, I agree, he slid to the 5th due to medical concerns, not because his talent was questioned.

Do you think he had coachability, or compatibility issues? I mean he hasn't exactly set the league on fire since his departure.

Gase was an egotistical buffoon, but maybe he wasn't wrong on this one.
strangely enough, the coachability knock never factored in while he was in Philly...

2017...he had 800 yards in 8 starts, all while splitting carries in Philly. 200 more than Drake, who we hung our hats on as his replacement.
May 7, 2019
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I remember thinking Nick Saban found a diamond in the rough in OT Anthony Alabi. Even some draft gurus thought he could be a real player. Sadly, as with many things during Saban's time in Miami, it didn't work out.

And back in 1998, J.J. drafted Scott Shaw, a guard out of Michigan State, in the 5th round. He was a beast in the weight room and a lot of draft people referred to him as a mauling run-blocker. I don't think he even made it to the end of training camp.


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Nov 25, 2015
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Last one was Ajayi for me too. I was hoping he fall to either Dallas or Miami in day 2, but the knee concern I guess made him drop to day 3.
Really thought they hit a homerun pick, at least short term if his knee did start to act up, in the 5th.

Before that, thought Andrew Gardner would pan out from 2009 to at least be a starter. GT homer in me.


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Apr 19, 2006
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Wasn’t a fifth he was a 6th but I thought we got a steal with Jakeem.
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