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NCAA Eligibility and You! A Fan's Guide


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Sep 11, 2006
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Louisville, KY
A good little write up about how wacky the NCAA eligibility process is for new recruits.

So every year we all experience the same cycle. Some high school football, basketball, field hockey player (okay, so probably not field hockey) commits to our school and everyone gets excited at the new prospect and how they impacted our recruiting ranking. Then a few months later, news starts to trickle out that the player "might not qualify", "isn't cleared yet", or their "eligibility is in question". Then everyone starts acting like a child whose toy from Christmas breaks or is taken from them in January. Screams of "Not this **** again!" and "Geez, how dumb is this kid?" abound and message boards are filled with, "Dude HS is easy. I took 12 P.E. classes in HS and had a 3.5 GPA", "I thought you only needed an 18 on the ACT to get in", "I heard he going to retake the ACT in June and that's our only hope" and "Stupid Coach, why do we recruit these fringe qualifiers in the first place?"

Basically, a lot of people show that they really don't know what the NCAA requirements are, let alone what a recruit's "current status" is that "needs to be monitored". Are you one of the above statement-makers and want to pick an internet fight? No. Okay, well do you at least want to know what the real NCAA Division I eligibility requirements are and why this crap is so confusing? Yes? Well click on to learn more.

In case you're wondering, the "Eric" in the second to last paragraph is Eric Bledsoe who played at the University of Kentucky with the John Wall - DeMarcus Cousins group.
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