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Need Some Opinions Concerning The Boards


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Sep 2, 2001
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Alright, I got another server up and running for the site, and it's all up to date. So, basically there is "another" site that simply needs to be pointed to

Anyways, I need to know what you guys want to do. I can either shut these boards down and you post at the "new" site thats up and running... so all new posts will be there. Or, I wait until after Monday, shut the boards down completly for two-three days and the boards will be un operatable.

I think I know what you guys want... but I want to make sure. So, the options are: I close these boards ( and post at the new site which will be something like: http://123.456.789.012/boardsvb2/

Which do you want? Note, that NO data will be lost. The FinHeaven & Co Boards will never be technically down, it will simply be at a different place for about three days.
why is it that you have to shut down the board for 3 days?
what are you trying to acomplish? are you permanetly moving finheaven?
Yes, we had to move FinHeaven from this current server to a new one, hopefully the new one will run faster overall, and be able to handle more people on at one time. For example, they allow 100 persistant connections (meaning, 100 people can access the database at one time). The current server only allows 45...

The boards won't be closed technically, you can access them through another address (URL). In three days, the URL will be back to the same Getting more technical, you have something called DNS. Which can take up to 72 hours to transfer. DNS settings tell the user where a domain points to. So, if it says Finheaven = current server, we need to make it finheaven = new server... and that takes time to change all over the world.
Re: Re: Need Some Opinions Concerning The Boards

Originally posted by gottahavefootba

why don't you just put a redirect on the to the new site?

Thats what I'm basically going to do. Ok, to make this easier for everyone.... here is an "old" database copy of the boards. Meaning, I just took a backup from about 3 hours ago, and thats whats on the site.

I want to simply tell people to go to that site until works with the new server.

Also, PLEASE do not post at the URL I just put in, if you do, it will be deleted when I update the database.
so just change the homepage on the current finheaven server to do a simple location.replace and have it point to the new ip address... then when people go to the site if it is still the old server it will send them to the new one and when the dns is updated it will just work as normal.. this way no one will really notice.. unless there is another problem you are running into.
Ok, I gotta go pick up the dogs from the Vets... I see what you are saying... an immediate redirect or something like that... can't believe I didn't think of that. When I return, I will make a post stating when the boards will be closed for a split second (gotta close them for a few minutes to download the latest and greatest database). Then I'll make the redirect...
Well, first of all it's really up to you. This is your home, we're just guests. And we do appreciate you asking of our opinions, honestly.

But I'd look at your daily post count, in conjunction with your daily hit count as well has how many sessions you have per day. If any of these have a percentage of over 50% higher then what you had a year ago, I'd do the move and not shut down for 3 days. The internet is funny in how if a site is down for more then 24 hours, people assume the worst and move on. While you won't lose many, you might lose some. Then again, you might gain some. Like I's funny.

But your choice. However, I dont think I can breathe without my Dolphins message forum. :D
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