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Need some opinions here about fantasy football


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Sep 2, 2001
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Alright people, recently Brett wrote his fantasy feeling and I have some questions.

What does everything think about Hines Ward with the Steelers playing against New Orleans?

And do the Cowgirls really have a decent defense to stop Tiki Barber from the Giants?

Let me know... cause I have to figure this one out with my fantasy team.

Currently at RB, I have Tomlinson and Barber. At WR I have Chambers and Rice playing. I can have one RB and three WRs, thus having Tomlinson, Chambers, Rice, and Hines Ward... I just thought the Cowgirls had a pretty bad defense.

So... whats your opinion here?
Play LT. He should be automatic at RB. I'd take Ward over Rice.
I would definetly play Tomlinson over Barber. I would play Hines Ward, he is having a very good season so far and it looks like Pittsburgh will start to throw a lot more than before.
The cows also defend the pass pretty well. I agree that Thomlinson should be a "no brainer" every week until it's proven he can be stopped on a consistent basis and that just isn't going to happen.

Also, people keep bashing New Orleans' defense but they have not been bad this year, especially against the pass. I don't see Ward having a huge game as I believe Maddox will look more towards Plaque-sisco as his key wideout. That said however, it's stiill likely that Ward will get a look inside the red-zone so he might be worth starting over Barber who's looked terrible so far this year.

Stick with the one back and three wideout set since Barber is such a disappointment.
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