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New and Improved 3 Round Mock.....


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Mar 17, 2002
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Opium induced haze...
1)Houston - David Carr, QB, Fresno State

2)Carolina - Julius Peppers, DE, UNC

3)Detroit - Quentin Jammer, CB, Texas

4)Buffalo - Bryant McKinnie, OT, Miami

5)San Diego - Mike Williams, OT, Texas

6)Dallas - William Green, RB, Boston College

7)Minnesota - Philip Buchanon, CB, Miami

8.)Kansas City - John Henderson, DT, Tennessee

9)Jacksonville - Ryan Sims, DT, UNC

10)Cincinnati - Roy Williams, S, Oklahoma

11)Indianapolis - Wendell Bryant, DT, Wisconsin

12)Arizona - Albert Haynesworth, DT, Tennessee

13)New Orleans - Donté Stallworth, WR, Tennessee

14)Tennessee - Toniu Fonoti, OG, Nebraska

15)NY Giants - Jeremy Shockey, TE, Miami

16)Cleveland - TJ Duckett, RB, Michigan State

17)Atanta - Ashley Lelie, WR, Hawai'i

18)Washington - Andre Gurode, OG, Colorado

19)Denver - Josh Reed, WR, LSU

20)Seattle - Daniel Graham, TE, Colorado

21)Oakland - Joey Harrington, QB, Oregon

22)NY Jets - Ed Reed, S, Miami

23)Oakland - Napolean Harris, LB, Northwestern

24)Baltimore - Levi Jones, OT, Arizona State

25)New Orleans - Kalimba Edwards, DE, South Carolina

26)Philadelphia - Eddie Freeman, DT, UAB

27)San Francisco - Javon Walker, WR, Florida State

28)Green Bay - Anthony Weaver, DT, Notre Dame

29)Chicago - Charles Grant, DE, Gergia

30)Pittsburgh - LaMont Thompson, S, Washington State

31)St. Louis - Jabar Gaffney, WR, Florida

32)New England - Lito Sheppard, CB, Florida

RD 2.
33)Houston - Andre Davis, WR, Virginia Tech
(Carr, Ae Davis)

34)Carolina - Larry Triplett, DT, Washington
(Peppers, Triplett)

35)Detroit - DeShaun Foster, RB, UCLA
(Jammer, Foster)

36)Buffalo - Patrick Ramsey, QB, Tulane
(McKinnie, Ramsey)

37)San Diego - Mike Rumph, CB, Miami
(M Williams, Rumph)

38)Dallas - Antonio Bryant, WR, Pittsburgh
(Green, A Bryant)

39)Minnesota - Mike Pearson, OT, Florida
(Buchanon, Pearson)

40)Kansas City - Reche Caldwell, WR, Florida
(Henderson, Caldwell)

41)Jacksonville - Marc Colombo, OT, Boston College
(Sims, Colombo)

42)Cincinnati - Kendall Simmons, OG, Auburn
(R Williams, Simmons)

43)Indianapolis - Keyuo Craver, CB, Nebraska
(W Bryant, Craver)

44)Arizona - Bryan Thomas, DE, UAB
(Haynesworth, B Thomas)

45)New Orleans - Trev Faulk, LB, LSU
(Stallworth, K Edwards, Faulk)

46)Tennessee - Derek Ross, CB, Ohio State
(Fonoti, Ross)

47)NY Giants - Terrance Metcalf, OG, Ole Miss
(Shockey, Metcalf)

48)Cleveland - LeCharles Bentley, OC, Ohio State
(Duckett, Bentley)

49)Hoston - Clinton Portis, RB, Miami
(Carr, Ae Davis, Portis)

50)San Diego - Marquise Walker, WR, Michigan
(M Williams, Rumph, M Walker)

51)Washington - Dennis Johnson, DE, Kentucky
(Gurode, D Johnson)

52)Denver - Dwight Freeney, DE, Syracuse
(J Reed, Freeney)

53)Seattle - Saleem Rasheed, LB, Alabama
(Graham, Rasheed)

54)Oakland - Alex Brown, DE, Florida
(Harrington, Harris, A Brown)

55)NY Jets - Alan Harper, DT, Fresno State
(E Reed, Harper)

56)Oakland - Michael Lewis, S, Colorado
(Harrington, Harris, A Bown, Lewis)

57)Baltimore - Lamar Gordon, RB, North Dakota State
(L Jones, Gordon)

58)Philadelphia - Najeh Davenport, FB/RB, Miami
(Freeman, Davenport)

59)Philadelphia - Robert Thomas, LB, UCLA
(Freeman, Davenport, R Thomas)

60)San Francisco - Ryan Denney, DE, BYU
(J Walker, Denney)

61)Green Bay - Ron Johnson, WR, Minnesota
(Weaver, R Johnson)

62)Chicago - Randy McMichael, TE, Georgia
(Grant, McMichael)

63)Pittsburgh - LeVar Fisher, LB, NC State
(Thompson, Fisher)

64)St. Louis - Victor Rogers, OT, Colorado
(Gaffney, Rogers)

65)New England - Raonall Smith, LB, Washington State
(Sheppard, R Smith)

RD 3.
66)Houston - Kevin Thomas, CB, UNLV
(Carr, Ae Davis, Portis, K Thomas)

67)Carolina - Andre Lott, DB, Tennessee
(Peppers, Triplett, Lott)

68)Detroit - Kenyon Coleman, DE, UCLA
(Jammer, Foster, Coleman)

69)Buffalo - Ramon Walker, S, Pittsburgh
(McKinnie, Ramsey, R Walker)

70)San Diego - Fred Weary, OG, Tennessee
(M Wiliams, Rumph, M Walker, Weary)

71)Dallas - Dorsett Davis, DT, Mississippi State
(W Green, A Bryant, D Davis)

72)Minnesota - Will Overstreet, DE, Tennessee
(Buchanon, Pearson, Overstreet)

73)Kansas City - Ben Leber, LB, Kansas State
(Henderson, Caldwell, Leber)

74)Jacksonville - Cliff Russell, WR, Utah
(Sims, Colombo, C Russell)

75)Cincinnati - Doug Jolley, TE, BYU
(R Williams, K Simmons, Jolley)

76)Indianapolis - Robert Royal, TE, LSU
(W Bryant, K Craver, Royal)

77)Arizona - Josh McCown, QB, Sam Houston State
(Haynesworth, B Thomas, McCown)

78)New Orleans - Seth McKinney, OC, Texas A&M
(Stallworth, K Edwards, Faulk, McKinney)

79)Tennessee - Johnathon Wells, RB, Ohio State
(Fonoti, Ross, Wells)

80)NY Giants - Marques Anderson, S, UCLA
(Shockey, Metcalf, M Anderson)

81)Cleveland - Joaquin Gonzalez, OT, Miami
(Duckett, Bentley, Gonzalez)

82)Houston - Tank Williams, S, Stanford
(Carr, Ae Davis, Portis, K Thomas, T Williams)

83)Atlanta - Sheldon brown, CB, South Carolina
(Lelie, S Brown)

84)St. Louis - James Allen, LB, Oregon State
(Gaffney, Rogers, J Allen)

- Denver forfeits pick -

85)Seattle - Nate Dwyer, DT, Kansas
(Graham, Rasheed, Dwyer)

86)Tampa Bay - Martin Bilba, OG, Miami

87)NY Jets - Joseph Jefferson, CB, Western Kentucky
(E Reed, A Harper, Jefferson)

88)Oakland - Mike Echols, CB, Wisconsin
(Harrington, Harris, A Brown, M Lewis, Echols)

89)Baltimore - Rashad Bauman, CB, Oregon
(L Jones, L Gordon, Bauman)


91)Philadelphia - Eric Heitman, OG, Stanford
(Freeman, Davenport, R Thomas, Heitman)

- San Francisco forfeits pick -

92)Green Bay - Andra Davis, LB, Florida
(Weaver, R Johnson, Aa Davis)

93)Chicago - Chester Pitts, OT, San Diego State
(C Grant, McMichael, Pitts)

94)Pittsburgh - Kahlil Hill, WR, Iowa
(Thompson, Fisher, K Hill)

95)St. Louis - Chris Hope, S, Florida State
(Gaffney, Rogers, J Allen, Hope)

96)New England - Edward Ta'amu, OG, Utah
(Sheppard, R Smith, Ta'amu)

97)Arizona - Tim Carter, WR, Auburn
(Haynesworth, B Thomas, McCown, T Carter)

98)Buffalo - Justin Bannon, DT, Colorado
(McKinnie, Ramsey, R Walker, Bannon)
No way that Oakland will take a QB, they think Tuiasosopo is their future so they won't draft one until they see how good he is, and Green isn't going that high. Also, KC is going to take Sims.
Actually Al Davis isn't at all that in love with Tui, Gruden wanted him and got him. There was previous talk that he may move up and try to grab Harrington. So Harrington to Oakland is a major possibility.

Jerry Jones has been following Green for a while and seems to be VERY VERY interested in him. You will be shocked when he is picked, but not many other people will be surprised. A lot of "experts" expect that this pick is a "lock" now.

Henderson, in my opinion, is the best DT in the draft, that is why he is the first one off the board. Sims is second, thus he is off the board second. Nothing is a sure shot, as we all know.
I think I would rather see the Dolphins take Eric Heitman G or Andra Davis LB, than Schobel. JMO.
I think that if the Cowboys want Green, they will trade down to get him like they did last year for Quincy Carter.
To trade down you need somebody to trade up with, and nobody seems interested in trading up right now.

Bad example with Carter tho, even tho he traded down, Jerry Jones traded back up if I remember corectly and selected Carter a whole round to early(at least).

When Jerry jones likes somebody, foolishly or not, he gets them. Green isn't that big a reach at 6, but if I had the pick and I was the'boys, I'd take Buchanon. I just have a very strong feeling now that Green is the actual pick.
Cincy could trade up to get Bucannon for example. A lot of teams could trade up to the six spot.
Cleveland wants to trade up. Atlanta might also to get the WR they want.
Cleveland would have to give up a lot to get the #6 pick in the draft. Atlanta is staying where they are, they only have 2 picks in the first 4 rounds(no 2 or 4) and have lots of holes to fill. They will get a quality WR at 17.

Trading up takes a lot these days, and if you plan on moving into the top 10 you better have some ammunition to do it. It's a lot easier to talk about trading up than actually doing it, I don't think you realize how much it takes to move up, even a few spots.
A few things I've heard.

*Buffalo has been impressed with Joey Harrington, but they still may go with a DT at the 4th pick while taking Patrick Ramsey in the 2nd round. The DT they like apparently is Ryan Simms.

*San Diego wants Quentin Jammer, but will take Mike Williams if Jammer isn't on the board. They like Williams strength more than McKinnie's, and they feel they need a right side player more than a left side player.

*Dallas definitely is interested in William Green. The only player they will take over Green is Jammer.

*Cleveland may not take a RB. They seem to want to beef up their OL, and Butch Davis is very wary of taking a RB in the 1st round.
I've also heard that Buffalo WILL NOT draft Harrington for a while now. Last I heard, they had their sights set on Bryant McKinnie. And it makes sense because they're going after Bledsoe. And Bledsoe will need a bodyguard (assuming they don't give up a #1 for Drew).
Buffalo just signed Trey Teague to play LT though. They have also made public statements about McKinnie's lack of a work ethic. I think McKinnie slips to the Vikings at pick 7. Buffalo takes either Joey Harrington or Ryan Simms at 4, IMO.
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