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New England/KC tape


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Aug 3, 2002
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Is this great or what? we get to look at KC and new england at the same time!! which leads me to a question. with Konrad invisible the last two games, and mcnight getting some touches yesterday, does anyone get the feeling like norv has a real schedualed gameplan for each team as far as plays we will use against certain teams?:eat:
I agree entirely. What I have been seeing is that Norv is setting up furture games with what he plays on any given week. Last year you could look at one game of the Fins and pretty much know what the offense was all about. This year, we'll use Konrad and Randy, or Ricky out of the bacfield......or an end around.....or....well you get the point. Defenses will never know what we are going into the game with. This is exciting stuff.
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