New hat!!!


We? What the **** we?
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Oct 13, 2004
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Northern Virginia
Hey y'all! My beautiful girlfriend just picked up the new Dolphins fitted at a local store for me! Looks like they're being sold now. I attached the photo. Hope it worked. Figured I would share!!
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God damnit! Where?!?!!?!?! I must know. Tell me NOW you cretin!


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Congrats bro! I wish I had a size 7 bucket.:lol: Mine is a 7 3/4.
My first reaction was....7? Small head :lol:

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Can we just have a nice aqua or orange local flexfit hat sold? I have my white one. The role out of the new logo has been awful. I am so tired of the old logo stuff being hawked on the team website. Thanks Mike Dee.
Blame New Era. The Dolphins have nothing to do with it aside from going with a new logo.

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Hoping for Lids to carry them soon, although they told me no earlier than October.
This can't be true. Why would they wait until then while already rolling out with 3-4 new hats that suck before the basic color one?
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