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New take on draft day


Jul 8, 2004
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Commack, NY
haha good read....

3. Pacman Jones
Just when and how did Pacman get ahead of Antrel Rolle? Making Jones the first CB selected could be the draft's first big surprise. Teams have fallen in love with Jones' speed and his aggressive style, but it is that aggressiveness that could get him into trouble. He has the attitude you want in a corner as he is very competitive, but Jones wasn't the complete shutdown corner he's been made out to be of late. He had a good college career, but not an outstanding one. His game does project well to the NFL level, but he hasn't proven himself just yet and that makes him a risk, especially if chosen in the top 10 where many have him.

ive been saying the same thing, i hate players whos stock rises so high ater the seasons over...


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Nov 27, 2004
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The draft is a crazy deal... it's amazing if any teams bats over .500 on picks. I read where if 56% of your picks were productive in the league you would win in the playoffs every year....... 52% and you would go to the playoff..... and 50% or below and you could expect a high draft position.....

It's a crap shoot with a very small margin for error....
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