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Discussion in 'NFL Draft Forum' started by MiamiDolfan85, Dec 30, 2017.

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    1.)Arden Key, DE out of LSU (6'3",255)
    -Really would prefer a QB but none are worth the value of a top 12 pick after the top 10.(I have 4 in mine.)

    Thus, Pushing us with the gift that is, Arden Key. Should keep Harris pushing to be better as I think u could double Harris's production from the whole season in about 5 games, if that.

    2.)De'Shonn Elliott, FS out of Texas(6'2",205)
    -Again, bpa

    3.)Connor Williams, RT out of Texas (6'6", 290)
    -Awesome value pick due to lossing time from injury.

    4.)Riley Ferguson, QB out of Memphis (6'4",205)
    -Unfortunately we're out of reach for the top dogs, so we gotta go hunting. With Ferguson's arm talent, Id like to see him under center with Stills, Landry, Parker & Grant and see if there's sparks in a 4-man set in practice.

    Should be a nice show for Tannehill before he gets reps in before he's cleared to go.

    4b.)Adam Brenneman, TE out UMass (6'5",255)
    -TE with good size and production . Should help right away.

    6.)Davin Bellamy, OLB out of Georgia (6'5",246)
    -Should help in third downs quickly with his size, and pass rushing ability standing up and getting balls. Could help scheme against YEa within the first 7-8 yards.

    6b.)Cam Serigne, TE out of Wake Forest (6'3",252)

    7.)Coleman Shelton, C out of Washington (6'4",290)
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    While I like Ferguson, I think in rd4 is way to early. I am thinking more the 6th or even the 7th, but I would definitely get him in the 6th for fear of losing him if I didn't.
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    Arden Key has too many red flags for me. I like the talent, but I question whether he will be committed.

    Some good players in that mock, though.

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