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Sep 2, 2001
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Bowens The Starter At DE
As reported by The Miami Herald, when the Dolphins opened full practices at training camp Monday, David Bowens was the first in line for a shot to start at left defensive end.

However, Bowens realizes he has a battle going with veterans Rob Burnett and Jay Williams.

"It's a good feeling, but you have a long way [to go]. Who knows what can happen between now and next week?"

As most Dolphin fans know, even if Bowens remains the starter, there will be a lot of rotating during the season.

Gardener Signs With Skins
The Washington Redskins have agreed to terms with free agent DT Daryl Gardener on a one-year contract. Financial terms have not been disclosed. However, sources said the contract is incentive-ladden and Gardener could earn nearly $2 million if he hits all of the bonuses in the deal.
Why does it seem like alot of guys are worried about facing DG, or any of the other top players in the league? We have a very good team and, if we want to be SB champs them we have to face the best. And I believe whole heartedly ours will whoop theres, so whats the concern?
Good team or no Gardener's a force to be reckoned with when healthy and the chances are whatever team that signs him is going to go ahead, roll the dice, and use him at DT unlike us (we were forced to move him cuz of all the money he was taking) and he's a vengeful player so he'd probably make sure that he was healthy for the game against us and he'd probably wreak havoc.
Why on earth is Bowens first when he is the fourth best DE on this team behind Taylor, Williams, and Burnett.
They never got an adequate chance last year to see what he can do, and Burnett/Williams are probably spending some time at DT.
Originally posted by iceblizzard69
Why on earth is Bowens first when he is the fourth best DE on this team behind Taylor, Williams, and Burnett.

Although you may be correct about Bowens, he has been tearing it up. Burnett also had a much better day than yesterday, but Bowens was all over the place!
Bowens cannot play the run enough to keep Dave satisified. He will play alot though.
Bowens doesn't have ideal size for a DE but he has a motor that doesn't stop. While it will be interesting to see if he can be overpowered in the running game he could cuase enough disruption to warrant starting. He did weel in limited tim elast year. I'd like to see Williams step up and grab the spot because of his size though.
Originally posted by dolphinators13
i like bowens at starting LE

I second that......but he has to show he can bring his energy all game long....
I've been a big D.Bo fan for a while now ever since he started making plays for us last year when acquired in midseason. I mean the guy can do what most defensive ends other than Jason Taylor simply cannot do. He's extremely fast, motor never quits, he's like a JT clone. He was a 5th round pick who went through a rookie NFL shock in that he spent a lot of money and did a lot of wrong things. Got cut for it. Got cut in Green Bay too.

If that was a wake-up call and got him focused the guy really COULD be the next JT. Zach Thomas has said before that this guy could very well be the next Jason Taylor. I think Ozzy's confirmed some reports that in various drills where JT is usually head and shoulders above everyone else, D.Bo gives him a run for his money now. All the sudden D.Bo is starting in training camp and from what I hear, he's making the most of it. I honestly HOPE he makes our Jay Williams trade and Rob Burnett signing a moot point! Is that bad?
You must have been crawling under a hole last year not to see that D. Bowens is the best player that we have on LDE right now. His better than R. Burnett and J. Williams.
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