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News Pics Added


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Jul 25, 2002
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Just so you guys know I have added 3 New Pics to teh Training Camp Photos Section located at

Also I have got a few requests of people saying that they can't find some of my reports and that i should create an easier archive instead of having just articles on my semi-profile page..So you can now read my archives at

Also tomorrow expect a better report, as I have a few friends good, as well as been granted an interview with someone from Sun-Sentinel about tomorrows camp. Maybe they will tell em more than their site says about

Also so you guys know I didn't want to miss a report even when the Fins go to Tennessee, so i have found a guy i know that is going to give us eyewitness reports from the practices and scrimmages against the Titans..Didn't want some of you Fin Fans to worry like I know some of you would have. We can't expect a report from the Sun-Sentinel on the practices in Tennessee, so I got it covered. Heck the Sun-Sentinel can't even cover practices

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