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Next Week.........Houston...........


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Mar 3, 2002
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Next Week.........Houston...........

Be nice to play a team that isn't trying to make a statement like it was the regular season :lol:

Everyone should have known that this was going to be pretty bad. Searching for some sort of OL. Penalties galore trying to learn Turners offense. Fielder pretty much coming into this game like the LAST time he faced the Saints (eerie isn't it?) in preseason and threw exactly 3 INT's. 2 games in 3 days (ever been done before?) when as a team they weren't exactly all that hot on 3 games in 12 days last year. The fact that we are usually horrible in preseason.

Everything set for a disaster and it happened all right :lol:

However in disaster it's weird to see some good out of it.

McMicheal..........I'm trying not to get too hyped up yet but christ how can you not??

I'm going to call it now and this has a good chance of biting me in the rear later but damn this offense is going to be deadly if the OL can at least play average. Konrad looked great when Turner experimented with him last week and when experimenting with McMicheal this week dare I say it.......we have viable options at TE & FB in an offense with Chambers/Gadsden/Williams/McKnight and Ward. Christ who do you cover?

The other honourable mention goes to Seaverns for stepping in for the great Zach Thomas and not look like a fool doing it. If Seaverns can play ST's we might have someone who might not only make the LB crew but might just win the job as the backup to Zach.

Dishonourable mention goes to our 3rd string QB battle. Will someone at least step up and prove they at least belong enough in the NFL to sit on a bench? Levcik actually made Jay Fielder look good today with his 5 for 22 performance with 2 INT's. Man I don't even want to think what the QB rating is. Looks like we will be watching the waiver wire.

I'll also be interested to hear the opinions of Saints fans when it comes to Deuce. 11 carries for 42 yards for a 3.8 avg. Respectable but when your facing us without Tim Bowens/Zach Thomas/Larry Chester and Rob Burnett you would expect better.
Things should be more interesting in Houston. The Texans whooped up on these Saints last week. And we didn't play well against these Saints. We'll have a week or so to practice, adjust, and GAMEPLAN. This will be the 3rd preseason game. So the starters should play a lot.
Van.....that is the best post i have seen today......THERE was actually some good things to be taken out of this.....some INDIVIDUALS looked really good.....and that is basically what it is all about at this point.........well put.
saints tilt.................

well, i did not get to see the saints mess last night, but i have watched the espn clips of the 3 jay pics about 10 times now.

THE O-LINE, at least in those clips, looked fine. there was no one even breathing on jay when he threw those pics.

don't know about the rest of the "game" but feidler had all the time in the world to pic out defenders to throw to!! :D



toby keith
actually becomes a bit of a big game for a PS game since we sucked so badly the first 2 games. :idea: If we can have few penalties and no more than 1 TO that w/b a victory in my mind as well as no major injuries of course.
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