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Next week is our season

or we will just get blown out in the 2nd round of the playoff again - same thing...:evil:
THIS GAME IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thought last weeks' game was a biggie.....not compared to this Saturday. You talk about a must win....good lord. I truly believe that we will be there to play ball and kick the Patsies asses
like I said - win this week is all is forgiven - lose this week and hell will be to pay :evil:
Righty-o! i think 3 days ago the most important game was next week against the Pats. You never want to lose a game, but that was jsut not as big of a game for us as was for the 9ers. A loss to the Colts on Monday night would have been devastating, a loss sat against the pats would be devastating, a road loss agianst a team in the other the conference when you have 1and 1/2 game lead in your div is more like oh well. I said at the beginning of the season 12-4 is where this team needs to be at the end of the year, to compete in the playoffs. W/the Raiders having games against a hot Tenn. team and the Jets left, and have already clinched their div. I think that stands. If we win the next 3 we are right where this team needs to be.
'Phin's seasons are always over in December, whether you make the playoffs or not.

Ours was over in August this year :)
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