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Nfl Draft 2002 Links....

That site is ok, but sportsline pissed me off so much. Now espn has put most of Mel Kiper Jr.s articles in the the "insider". Like espn doesn't have enough money.
Along these same lines, we have been asked by a Texans website to offer someone from Fin Heaven to do a mock draft. I personally don't know jack about college ball, or the players, so if anyone has the time, and is interested in picking for Miami, then please let me know.

You must have a firm firm grasp on the college scene, and also understand Miami's biggest need areas.


i agree with you.......this is the dumbest thing i've ever seen....:yell:

:monkey: ESPN Insider
In this mock draft is said person picking for every team or just making selections for the Phinz? If it is just for the Phinz im very interested.

I would be glad to do it for Finheaven but i'm new around here so i think it's best if a veteran of the website does it!!!

But if you can't find someone.....i'm willing to do it!!!;)

I may be from Quebec city but i know college football & the Fins much more than my girlfriend:p
It doesn't matter how long you have used our forums, and yes you will only be picking for the Phins. They are attempting to get a member from each teams fan base to pick for their respective teams.

You will have to be available to them for possibly 4 or 5 evenings, as they want to do several rounds.

If you both want to do it, then maybe you could work together. It is not the end all be all of mock drafts, so don't fight over selections, just come to a sensible pick.

Discuss it amoungst yourselves, and then let me know by tomorrow, and I will get you the information.

I would love to do it, and would not mind working w/another person, but if it is going to be more than 1 person it should be 3 and not 2, it more democratic that way.
Dajesus is the man....

i would have love to do the draft but now that you mentioned it's 4 or 5 evenings i can't.....:cry: i'm at work...

thanks for the consideration dolfan87!!!!
Ok Dajesus, your the guy. Here is the e mail addy, write these guys and tell them you are representing Fin Heaven & Co for their mock draft.

Thanks bro, and keep us updated on what's going on

seems like an awful lot of work, and besides i haven't a clue as to what goes on in the 100's of college teams around.

the only thing i do know, is the houston texans should adopt the song "god blessed texas", by "little texas". i don't think dallas has yet! :D
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