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'NFL Today' adds Marino, Esiason; Glanville gone

They really should've axed that whole team. I can't stand watching any of them. Esiason just may mix it up some and, of course, Danny is the greatest. But Randy Cross is no better than Glanville.

BTW - Marino has been doing a good job on HBO.
Glanville had to go. That man's comments were about as intelligent as my five-year old nephew's. Now if only we could find a way to get rid of John Madden, then both of the biggest morons in football could go into retirement together. MADDEN, PLEASE GO AWAY! :evil:
glanville and cosell...........

both got jobs on television for one reason only, the fans loved to hate em!:yell:
Randy Cross is a moron. I kind of like Jim Nantz. And Ditka was interesting now and then.

I hate their show.

I love it now because they've added Danny :)

I got to watch Inside the NFL a few times last year, and Danny and Cris Collinsworth were a GREAT combo.
YEA for Marino......the guy is great. They even have him doing car dealership commercials here in the FL market. I guess I will have to watch 2 TVs next season because I'm not giving up watching my boys on FOX.

Howie Long......YUMMY :D

I enjoy the Bradshaw/Kimmel rivalry and Collinsworth's arrogant ego getting beaten down by the boys.

As for Ditka, the man needs to come up for air and try to finish his sentences before he has another heartattack. I have 2 words for Madden...........PLEASE RETIRE. :rolleyes: He is as annoying to me as Howard Cossell was. :mad:
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