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Nov 12, 2001
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Living in NJ all I kept hearing about is how much fun the Jets are having, that's why they are winning because they are having fun. I believe they were having fun but I believe it is reversed they were having fun because they were winning. Do you think they are having fun today??? I think not...

go over to jets insider, you can see how much fun they are having! don't let any of em near their "star" QB, vinny! there's gonna be a mutiny i think! :lol:
I just hopped over to the Jets Insider and the sh!t they were saying only proves my point. Jetsgirl was talking about how she smacked some Pats fan upside the head after the game. When she was called out for her pathetic actions, she responded about the poster living in a trailer park. I have to ask! What the hell is the fascination of trailer parks with Jets fans? :lol: :lol: This other poster was in the NorthEastern US also, so it is not just a "Florida" smack. :confused:

Please enlighten me :rolleyes:

Raiders fans suck #1 and then Jets fans are to follow :lol: :lol: :lol:
Yeah..they were calling for Vinnie's head after the game...and before the game they were saying some pretty nice things about him :rolleyes:
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