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No Fins at Pro Bowl

If it makes y'all feel any better...

Jason Taylor won the "Ultimate Defender" competition for the 2nd year. He was considered the fastest, strongest, and most agile. Jevon Kearse was second. After winning, Jason said, "It's not the Lombardi trophy, but I'll take it.":cool:
Yeah i saw the ultimate defender and it really suprised me when jason taylor out benched (incline) jevon kearse for the second strait year. from just looking at the two jevon looks alot stronger
I don't watch the Pro Bowl, but I used to attend the Quarterback Challenge out at Disney World for a few years. I saw Steve Young, Vinny Testaverde, Jeff Blake and I met Kerry Collins. :) It was a while ago. :)
Taylor is a very fast and strong player. He is one of the top athletes in the NFL. He isn't fat or even pudgy and can still play DE.
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