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No Game Tomorrow?????


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Nov 18, 2001
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Miami Lakes,FL
I just got back from PA and everyone was telling me the STEELERS are on THURSDAY night football and not the PHINS!! What happened to the ESPN game against the BUCS???? I was all psyched for the game!! WHAT THE F#CK!!!!!!:yell: :yell: :yell: :yell: :yell: :yell:

NO RESPECT!!!!!!! :monkey: ESPN!!!!
Umm...the Bucs game is on Monday night, and pretty much always has been. I should know, I have tickets to it :)

I must have misread the schedule, I could have sworn they played their 1st preseason game on the 8th!!! MY BAD!!!!:p
actually on the official site schedule aug 8th says at tampa, time to be announced, least that's what it said on 3/29/2002 when i printed it out!
The NFL changed the original date because of a stupid baseball game in Pittsburgh.....

That's why Wanny is so pissed....because of the change, we'll be playing 2 games between Mon - Thurs....

That's why Wanny was talking about screwing over the TV stations and not playing any starters on Monday night.....

This scheduling snafu by the NFL is also the reason we visited the Titans last week.

Until this year, teams themselves handled their own preseason schedules. For some reason, the NFL decided to take control of the scheduling this year. I think it's a stupid idea if you ask me.
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