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No injuries! / JTs status / JTs MRI ?


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Sep 11, 2002
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No injuries!

This is a great bonus for us going into week 4. Hopefully Sam will be back by then. Also my understanding is that will Desmond Clark will play as well.

This will be great because Clark has already proven he can play with the best tight ends in the league and we all have seen what McMichael can do. So we have 2 dangerous tight ends, at least 2 dangerous recievers, at least 2 dangerous running backs. Our offense is looking deep.

From what Dolphan39 posted KC is going to be somewhat hobbled in their secondary which only bodes well for us. Im picking the Dolphins by 10.

Also it looks like KC did a nice job of figuring out Bellychuck's defense. That should help when we play them...

Does anyone know the history of Norv's Offense versus Bellychuck Defense? I'd be curious to know.
According to the Miami Herald, JT has a slight tear in his medial collateral ligament. It happened the first quarter. Even the trainer couldn't believe he played the rest of the game. He is having an MRI this morning and if it is a grade 1-2 he could take 2-4 weeks to heal. But that doesn't mean he won't play. At the Indy game two years ago we watched him walk off the field with his finger totally bent the wrong direction and came back with it taped. He played the rest of the game and even sacked Peyton the last play of the game. His hand was so swollen after the game he couldn't get himself undressed.
I hope it is not too serious.. we need him in there.. our pass rush hasn't been that great to begin with.. and he brings tremendous run stopping ability on the outside..
Jason Taylor's status

Has anyone heard how his MRI went? Any guesses as to his availability for next week?
I say we rest him or limit him....we have lots of talent on the D-Line that can step it up.
If he is injured I say we let him heal, Burnett can play every down and we still have D-Bo and Williams.
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