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Sep 6, 2001
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SOUTHERN KALI panic! The last thing we need is a major overhaul, signing all these big name free agents and maipulating the draft to get a few extra picks and all that jazz. What we need, is to get back to the basics, the fundamentals! I dont know a lot about our cap situation, but I do know its workable, restructure 4 or 5 contracts, and make some cuts...... All in favor of patching up that dreadful O-line, thats where our miseries begin. The D-line was mediocre as well and could stand a little touch-up, nothing major, because once "The Modern Day Gladiator" returns, the D will regain its identity! The skill positions are solid enough to go all the way. The talent is definetly there, its the muscle thats lacking. I hear a lot of people calling for Jays head, and others want to get rid of L-Mar, I even heard someone mention getting rid of McKnight already, those people are missing the big picture. Yes each one made crucial mistakes and bad plays during the course of the season, but each one was so out of character of the team philosophy that it doesnt make sense. Jay rolling out of the pocket trying to improvise, throws a pick to the man who deflects the ball, why, no O-line, L-mar catching 2 yard screens (instead of rolling thru people) getting clobbered and fumbles on the 2, why, no O-line, McKnight making super grabs, then fumbling trying to stretch for the first down because he knows we cant convert 3rd and 1, why................... NO O-line. I know thats not all the mistakes but just to establish a trend and my point, we need to solidify the O-line. The fundamentals of the sport, blocking and tackling, thats what we need to get great at! Wannestedt is a good coach, but a little on the stubborn side. His philosophy; ball control offense and big-play defense! If, and thats a big IF, we had controlled the ball(time consuming drives, resulting in TD's) our defense could have been great(forcing teams to throw the ball, and coming up with INT's)! The BIG picture..................we need a pro-bowl caliber offensive line to put everything in place! Just an educated guess of course. Cause if IF was a 5th we'd all be drunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We started 2001 w/a mediocre O line and ended with a crappy OL. Simply upgrading that area and leaving all else intact would go a long way; unfortunately, the CAP will not let that happen too easily. :(
Well if I read Dave's comments correctly, he seems to think we have a way of fixing the cap situation. He keeps saying that we aren't mortgaging the future on these contracts, so let's see what happens here, and let him prove it.

I agree 100% with your comments PhinFan, it all begins and ends in the trenches.
[I agree 100% with your comments PhinFan, it all begins and ends in the trenches. [/B][/QUOTE]

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