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No QB, No old RB and importance of coaches


Seau's Slut
Feb 15, 2005
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The draft is terrible at Qb whether you want to admit it or not. Rogers will be a bust and Smith will take a min of 2 years to develop. Also how can you people complain about Wanny when you want to make the same trades he did with trading away valuable picks in order to gain and old and expensive RB. Edge and Alexander are not commin here for a secound so don't bring it up because it would be a terrible trade for us if they did. Why is everyone saying QB, WR and RB are the top 3 picks. I agree we go edwards at #2 but if we do trade down think LB, S, DE and O-line. Rookies develop best when they have a great player to learn from which is why I like DJ or Merriman or Rolle and then Thomas Davis, Brodney Pool or an O-linemen. Moss had carter, Reed has Lewis (I know its a different position) just like they will have Seau and Thomas and Taylor and Madison. Give our offence a chance, we have good WR's and TE. The O-line will improve with the new better coach and AJ will be last years Drew Brees, he has the tools and he flourished at times with Wanny which means he is workable. Lamar did great when he was healthy so ya grab Brown if he is there after a trade down to 7 but not at #2, we can grab Gore at 4. You have to give an give coaches credit they influence how a team is run greatly. We know have a great coach and top O-line coach and a top offensive crdinator who brougth his WR coach with him. Expect our offence to be great next year without any changes, on the other hand with no Bates our Defence will need help.
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