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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
The most adiment Fin's fan in the local Miami press is probably Alex Marverez of the Sun. I used to like him untill today. He has picked the Pats to win today's game 29-20. Low down dirty...I really am still stunned, by fans, experts, Dolphin press that have gone against them. Sure the Pats are playing good, but we still beat them 30-10 this season. All anyone wants to talk about is Brady this and Brady that, the guy is Santa Claus for christ's sake. He hasn't thrown a td in 3 weeks. Their d is alot better, but I still think we can run the ball, Seymore is pretty, but Mcginest is injured, and playing around 50%, and no one else on the d-line is that good. Their secondary has some major weaknesses, but can fool Jay w/coverage schemes. Look for Chambers to be under a blanket, bu that should open things up for Ward, Gadsen, and Mcknight. This will be a huge game for Feidler, if he ever wants to win over the Miami fans he has to come up big in this game. If he doesn't, nothing short of the super bowl will save his tenure here.
i don't want to be a grinch here.........

but if the fins don't show up to play tomorrow, it will be a long day! :rolleyes:
2 flaws in Alex's case


INTANGIBLES: The atmosphere for today's game couldn't be any more hostile for the Dolphins with fans revved for what may be the final game played at Foxboro Stadium. The Patriots are even having a reunion of older players to commemorate the event. But the Dolphins should enter with some confidence, having won their past five games against New England. Weather shouldn't be much of a factor, with the temperature expected to reach the upper 30s. While the Patriots are surging, Brady is on the hot seat after his recent performances. The big question for the Dolphins is whether the 49ers loss was an aberration or whether the team is getting mired in its annual December swoon. Edge: Patriots.

COACHING: New England's Bill Belichick is drawing serious consideration for NFL Coach of the Year honors. Not only has he won with a ragtag roster, Belichick also stuck to his guns by keeping Brady as his starter even when Bledsoe was healthy enough to return. Dolphins defensive coordinator Jim Bates is facing a tough decision about whether to move one of his safeties into the box to help shore the run defense. By doing so, the Dolphins could leave themselves exposed to the deep pass, which is something the Dolphins have effectively prevented for most of the season. Offensive coordinator Chan Gailey's unit has been shut out twice in the past five weeks, which is the franchise's highest single-season total since 1970. Dolphins coach Dave Wannstedt needs to inspire the season's best effort from what is looking like a tired roster. Edge: Patriots.

The big question for the Dolphins is whether the 49ers loss was an aberration or whether the team is getting mired in its annual December swoon. The answer is the 9ers were an aberration.

I believe the coaching will staff will be ready for this game and that is part of the reason for the problems ag. SF.

Fins 24 Pats 21
or a late Hannukkah present from Jay ;) since he forgot my present last Sunday. :eek:
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